Cooking is a field that allows you to experiment and realize any fantasy. At the same time, you do not need to be a professional chef to conduct culinary experiments and create masterpieces. Here the main secret of success is the desire to try something new and tasty.

Mulled wine sorbet

Ice cream and sorbet can be made with almost any wine. It may seem strange to you, but this cold dessert can even be made from mulled wine. Let’s start with him. Mulled wine – that is, a hot drink made from red wine and spices – is, of course, associated with winter holidays, snow and cold. However, believe me, such a spicy and drunk ice cream will brighten up a hot summer day.

To make mulled wine sorbet, first boil mulled wine: heat the spices in a dry saucepan – cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves – so that they “open”, then pour red dry wine, add a drop of cognac and sugar, throw the orange zest into the wine. Cook until sugar is completely dissolved. Then strain the drink and pour into a mold (or small portion molds) to freeze. To freeze the treat evenly, stir the sorbet every hour.

Noble Wine tip: For mulled wine sorbet, use Garnacha “Old Vines” Empordà red wine from the mountainous Espelt winery in the Empordà region of Spain. Sorbet will retain a dry, intense fruity wine flavor and aroma with notes of fresh blackberries, dark cherries, green peppers and Provencal herbs.

We have no doubt that mulled wine sorbet will surprise your guests!

Sorbet with white wine

Perhaps you still think that mulled wine sorbet in summer is too bold, and leave that recipe for winter … Then try white wine sorbet. Cooking this dessert is simple, and it will bring a lot of pleasure!

To make white wine sorbet, you need sugar (a lot of sugar!), White wine, and lemon. Start by boiling a thick sugar syrup and letting it cool. Then add white wine and lemon juice to it. Now the sugar-wine-lemon mixture can be poured into a mold (or small molds) for freezing and placed in the freezer or chilled on ice.

Noble Wine recommendation: for a “white” sorbet, the wine “Branu” Vermentino di Gallura, created at the young Italian winery Vigne Surrau in Gallura (Sardinia), is perfect for its bright aroma with notes of yellow apple, pear, cream and jasmine. Dessert from this wine will have a juicy taste with a refreshing, silky acidity and hints of green apple.

Sorbet made from white wine is great refreshing!

Wine ice cream

Of course, you can make not only sorbet from wine, but also real ice cream! Here, as for sorbet, there are many recipes – it all depends on your imagination and taste. The main thing is to make the right ice cream, and the wine and, if you like, spices will give it your favorite taste.

For the right ice cream, you’ll need heavy cream, eggs, and powdered sugar. First, separate the yolks from the whites. Then whisk the yolks with the powdered sugar to form a homogeneous dense mass. While stirring, pour the wine into it and, continuing to stir, warm the mixture on a steam bath. When the mass thickens, leave to cool. Whisk the whites and cream separately and add these ingredients to the wine mixture, then pour it into a freezer mold (or small molds) and place in the freezer.

Noble Wine recommendation: Lafarge Bourgogne Passetoutgrain “L’Exception” red wine produced at Domaine Lafarge in Volna, in the Côte de Beaune region, is a good solution for ice cream. With it, ice cream will have a bright cherry flavor and pleasant sourness!

To be honest, such ice cream can be prepared, in principle, from any alcohol that you like. But we certainly recommend the wine!