Noble Wine Vīna Klubs

- if you need something special

A guarantee of an exciting selection and a complete wine cabinet.
Selected, tested, with regular deliveries – from the cellars of small wineries to your shelf!

Noble Wine comes up with insurance that has never been enjoyed before. Become a member of the Wine Club and guarantee yourself an outstanding and inexhaustible wine stock! Our knowledgeable sommeliers will replenish your shelf with 6 special bottles every month. The offer comes with a guarantee of the Noble Wine range of wines: only unusual classics and only pleasant surprises. Red, white, pink, orange, or sparkling – Noble Wine will take care of the wine that suits your mood!

Call us sommeliers, concierges, or just reliable companions – every journey needs a knowledgeable guide! Samples of wine will be accompanied by a small tasting “guide” from our sommelier, revealing notes and the best-accompanying dishes to a dizzying taste adventure. You will find some of your favourites wines later on the shelves of Noble Wine, while others, just like on an exotic adventure, you will meet only in the club’s current offer!

Upcoming summer season wine selections


  • July’s selection from the private sommelier Voldemārs Dzenis
  • August’s selection from sommelier Kaspars Reitups
  • September selection from sommelier Ronalds Petersons

Become a member of the Wine Club, make a monthly payment of only 120 €, and receive an excellent set of wines every second week of the month!

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