If you haven’t gotten out to a picnic this summer, we advise you to hurry up before August is over. And to turn your lunch or dinner in nature into a real holiday, take wine with you!


Professional sommeliers recommend choosing “simple” inexpensive wines for your picnic. First, such wines do not require the “right” glasses. Secondly, it makes no sense to serve exquisite wine in nature, as its complex aroma in the open air will “evaporate”.

So, plain wine does not require special glasses. And this is undoubtedly good news, because a picnic is, first of all, lightness! So bring glass or plastic goblets for table wine to your picnic.

White or red?

There are no rules here. The choice depends on what you are going to serve “on the table”, what you like and what time you are having a picnic.

If you are planning to have a light picnic with fish and vegetables, we recommend choosing fresh white wine. White wines are great for a picnic in the middle of the day, although they won’t ruin the evening either. For example, the delicate Soave D.O.C. with notes of minerals, fresh citrus and lime, and a long finish with nuances of citrus peel and peach. This is a light summer wine from Ar. Agr. Tamellini is pleasant to drink outdoors. We advise you to take a refrigerator with you, because these wines should be drunk chilled.

On the other hand, if you are a red wine lover, we recommend the Italian Valpolicella Classico with notes of sweet spices, produced in the heart of the classic Valpolicella wine region at the Ca ‘La Bionda winery. The aroma of this wine contains notes of fresh cherries, green spices and raspberries – just what you need for a picnic! However, if you don’t want Italy, any fruity red wine with a sour taste is perfect for a picnic, such as Spanish rioja, French grenache, or something from the New World. Above all, when choosing a red wine, do not go for a complex, heavy, rich wine, and remember that red wines are usually heavier, so they are better for a picnic in the afternoon.



Honestly, champagne or any sparkling wine (prosecco, cava) is a great option for a picnic. It is sparkling wines that will be an excellent addition to all kinds of snacks and salads that are usually served at a picnic. However, remember that sparkling wine loves the cold, and think in good time about how to keep the drink at the correct temperature.

We recommend trying the very light Cremant de Bourgogne “La Croix” by Domaine La Croix Montjoie. We have no doubt that this Cremant with a taste of ripe yellow apples, hints of lemon, grapefruit and quince will create an atmosphere of celebration and lightness, and this is what you need for a picnic in the last days of summer!