About Us

We open the world of wine. For all. For everybody. For you

We love wine, we adore the gift of Dionysus! And we are eager to share this noble passion with you. We would like to see more people who discover the magical world of noble wines. That’s why we created Noble Wine.

Principles and philosophy of our work
  • We buy wines for you from family-owned European producers, where they still harvest by hand from terroir vineyards and create wine according to ancient traditions. These people are enthusiasts, completely dedicated to their work. Small yields, rare wines, nuances of taste … Even wine lovers and connoisseurs discover something new when we bring these bottles from Burgundy, Piedmont and other famous wine-growing regions.
  • Do you like cozy interiors, good company, pleasant music and a relaxing atmosphere? We, too! After all, this is how it is worth drinking good wine. Join us at Noble Wine Bar. You’ll like it.
  • Do you agree that pleasure increases when the taste of wine is emphasized by the right dish. Therefore, our chefs and sommeliers have developed a special menu for the bar. Try it and your opinion is important to us.
  • You can drop by Noble Wine to quench one more thirst – thirst for knowledge: we conduct tastings, train, consult, help create private collections of wines. The knowledge of our experts will become yours.
  • We are proud that we were able to create the largest wine collection in Latvia, but we do not stop there. Knowledge is endless. Each harvest is unique. Tomorrow new discoveries wait for us – and we want to make them together with you!
Our Team
You can contact us with a question and you will definitely get an answer. We are extremely friendly because good wine brings joy and enhances a person's character!