We are sure that no one will remain indifferent!

The Lillet Rosé Spring

Коктейль на Розовом Вине


350 ml Rose Wine

350 ml Red grapefruit juice

175 ml Gin

6 edible flower buds

How to cook:

Combine all ingredients except flowers in a pitcher full of ice and stir until cooled. Pour into wide cocktail glasses and place the flower on top. The cocktail is ready!

Rosé Punch


¼ peeled melon

1 small peach, no peel

1 small nectorine, no peel

2 bottles of chilled rose wine

6 teaspoons of sugar

1 1/2 cups raspberries

How to cook:

Cut melon, peach and nectarine into small pieces and set aside.

Pour the chilled wine into a large pitcher and stir in the sugar while stirring.

Then add the chopped fruit and raspberries and refrigerate for 2 hours.

The Black Rosé


½ liter fresh blackberries + 12 berries for serving

150 ml berry syrup

1 bottle of dry chilled rose wine

270 ml of vodka

175 ml freshly squeezed lime juice (needs about 9 medium limes)

12 thinly sliced ​​lime rings (for serving)

How to cook:

Pour the blackberries into a large jug and add the syrup, crush the mixture for a minute, until the berries crumple and produce juice. Pour wine, vodka and lime juice into a separate container, then stir thoroughly. Strain the mixture with berries and syrup, leaving only the liquid, which is then added to the alcohol.

Pour large pieces of ice into a cocktail pitcher and pour over wine glasses before serving. Garnish with blackberries and sliced ​​lime.

The Ruby on Rails


2 or 3 medium strawberries, cut off the top and chop the berries thinly

50 ml gin

55 ml of juicy rose wine

25 ml strawberry syrup

20 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

20 ml Pimm’s No. 1

How to cook:

Add all ingredients except strawberries to a large cocktail shaker, half-filled with ice, and then shake for 20 seconds until completely cooled. Pour into a glass filled with ice and add strawberries!