Sommelier took part in the blind tasting at M’Archers restaurant under the direction of Ronald Peterson
Arends restaurant 36-līnija restaurant Vincents restaurant Vincents restaurant Faces

№ 1. Sables d`Azur by Chateau Gassier, Provence

Слепая Дегустация Розового Вина в магазине Noble Wine

IS: Light salmon color. Fresh, floral-spring bouquet. Refreshing, juicy taste with a pleasant sourness in the aftertaste.

KV: Delicate onion peel. Fresh, tasty, springy. Good concentration, with a light, pleasant sweetish bitterness. Quality rosé wine from Provence, you can feel the Grenache grapes.

RT: Typical onion skins. Fresh, red berries, pink, white peppers, rhubarb. Dry, fresh, sour, fruity, red berries, spicy, tasty. Very good, typical, fresh, spicy, young wine.

KR: Pale pink with an orange tint. With the aroma of stone fruits and red berries. Fresh taste, with a little piquant spices and juiciness of peach. Very good, juicy, aromatic and refreshing.

LA: Creamy, bright color. Delicate, calm aroma. Juicy, light taste, with a pleasant bitterness. Middle class, good pink.


№ 2. Chateau Gassier «946» Cotes de Provence

Винная дегустация в магазине Noble Wine - розовое вино

IS: Delicate shade of onion peel. The aroma is dominated by sweet notes of berries and caramels. Subtle, delicate with citrus acidity, berry aftertaste.

KV: Fresh onion, maceration for just a couple of hours. A little sweeter than the previous one, you can feel the taste of juicy fruits with seeds, sweet ripe cherries. Juicy, delicate, pleasant fruity taste. Can be consumed without food. Terrace, sun, relaxation. Light and stable.

KT: Onion peel with a copper sheen. Intense, with notes of sweet spices, marmalade, raspberries. Dry, fresh, sour, but sweeter nuances, vanilla. Not a typical wine, probably lacking concentration.

KR: Intense salmon color. The aroma is dominated by secondary aromas with an oily hint of vanilla, candy. Juicy taste, with mouth-watering sourness, prevailing fresh fruits, fatty. Well balanced acidity that enhances the taste of juicy fruits. LA: Transparent bright color. Aroma with nuances of caramel, toffee, candies and tropical fruits. The taste is creamy, with a juicy acidity level. Friendly wine.

№ 3. Chateau du Rouet Cotes de Provence

IS: Hot pink shade, shiny appearance. Breakfast aroma: bread crust with cream cheese. Rich multifaceted. Excellent balance between acidity and fruitiness. A charming wine that you want more!

KV: Light, transparent sauté of onion peel. Sweet and semi-ripe red fruits, some rose hips. First, sweetness predominates, then bitterness and unbalanced taste quickly appear. Feels light salty, like the sea, lacks the duration of the aftertaste.

RT: Typically coppery. A pungent, herbal, spicy aroma. Very spicy, herbal, slightly berry, warm, finished taste. Very good wine, characteristic, spicy, slightly fruity.

KR: Plant-based aroma with lemon zest and dried fruit. Dried fruits and apples are felt in the taste. Intense aroma emphasizes the “silence” of taste, gastronomic wine.

LA: Transparent bright color. The aroma is a mix of dark berries. The taste is juicy, appetizing and berry. Decent, strong wine with its own character.

Сомелье ресторана Faces на винной дегустации в магазине Noble Wine - розовое вино

Faces Restaurant Sommelier Lotars Arends

№ 4. Domaines Ott Les Domaniers, Cotes de Provence

IS: Light salmon, delicately light shade. Very delicate and light aroma, herbaceous notes. High acidity. Very refreshing and invigorating taste. Gastronomic wine.

KV: Delicate onion peel. Relatively neutral, but balanced, there will be a good balance over time. Wine from Provence, medium or medium + level. Suitable for light soups, seafood salads.

RT: Light onion peel, typical Provence color. Less intense, delicate aroma of flowers, red berries, spices. Dry, fresh, crunchy, less intense, refreshing, fruity taste. Good, rounded, refreshing, less intense. CR: Light salmon color. Unobtrusive aroma, light notes of white flowers. Fresh apple taste, citrus, fresh, light, juicy. Wine for the terrace.

LA: Transparent bright color. Warm aroma with creamy notes. Fresh taste, red currant. Fresh, but missing something in the finish.

Розовое вино Chateau Roubine Inspire в магазине Noble Wine

№ 5. Chateau Roubine «Inspire» Provence Cru Classe

IS: With yellowish shades of Latvian onions. Vegetable nuances in the aroma, notes of rotten grass and undergrowth. Lively and invigorating taste with grapefruit notes.

KV: Yellowish infusion of onions. Spring compost, leaves, white grapefruit, rhubarb. Strong mixture of semi-ripe and ripe yellow berries, rhubarb. Nice surprise, fresh, I want to pour a second glass, suitable as an aperitif and quite gastronomic.

RT: Not typical, pale straw with copper tint. Open, with notes of sweet spices and whipped cream aroma. Refreshing taste of juicy rhubarb, cream and spices. A good wine, although not typical of this variety, is refreshing well.

KR: The color of the grapefruit zest. The aroma of grapefruit, rhubarb, a little animal. Taste, full of character, full-bodied, with hints of citrus and stone fruits. An intense and rich gastronomic wine. Serious pink. Atypical.

LA: Atypical, yellowish pink color. Very specific aroma of grapefruit and rhubarb. The taste is unusually sour. Generally a very atypical wine for this variety.

№ 6. Chateau Roubine «Classique» Provence Cru Classe

IS: Very light shade of pink towards copper. Fresh bouquet, floral citrus. Over time, sweet notes of fresh berries appear. Light, balanced taste, slightly spicy aftertaste.

KV: Delicate, neutral shade, light onion peel. With a pleasant light bitterness, with a balanced acidity. The light viscosity of the red Grenache grapes is felt. Bitterness with good fruity balance, a summer dish.

RT: Delicate salmon color. An open, pungent, herbal aroma, spices dominate, red currants are felt. Fresh, spicy, herbal flavor with juicy texture and red berry flavor. A very characteristic wine of good quality, lacking in structure and intensity.

KR: Delicate color of onion skins. The aroma is slightly vegetable, unripe red berries. The taste is juicy, refreshing, unobtrusive, a duet of red berries and citrus fruits. An unobtrusive wine for any situation.

LA: Transparent bright color. Apple notes, a touch of red berries. The taste is very light. High quality casual pink.

Сомелье ресторана Vincents на дегустации розового вина в магазине Noble Wine

Sommelier of the Vincents restaurant Kaspar Reytups

№ 7. Chateau Romassan COEUR DE GRAIN Bandol, Provence

IS: Pale, watery color with a slight shade of pale pink, quite oily. Pleasant, spring aroma in a bouquet, elegance itself in a glass! Delicate taste, imperceptible sourness, excellent fruitiness, light aftertaste. The perfect example of Provence!

KV: Neutral onion hulls are a bit and elegant. Sea, wind, salinity. You can feel the taste of old oak, balanced and, most importantly, refreshingly fresh. A persistent, elegant, refreshing representative of Provence, I would savor and recommend to others.

RT: The color of the onion peel. The aroma of a delicate rose, flowers, rhubarb, cranberry, pepper, red apples. Fresh wine, good acidity, elegant taste with juicy texture and hints of spice. Good quality wine, lacking in concentration a little.

KR: Light brass color. The aroma of chamomile, citrus. On the palate there is a rich composition of herbs, citrus fruits, red berries, juicy and silky. Heavenly manna.

LA: People would love it because of the freshness and elegance.

№ 8. Clos Cibonne «Cuvee Caroline» Provence Cru Classe

Дегустация розовых вин в магазине Noble Wine

IS: Light copper shade. Intense aroma of berry fruit juice, slightly perfumed. Excellent, rich taste, quite full-bodied. Great wine for a wonderful warm day!

KV: Onion husks, already with a strong shade. Rose hips, peach juiciness. Rich, juicy, strawberry with pronounced tannin. Surprised me and others, if you like a rich and refreshing wine, this is your choice.

RT: Intense ruby ​​pink with a bright copper sheen. Intense, sweet, in some places mushroom aroma with hints of red berries and rhubarb. Sweet, vanilla flavor, spices and red berries. Not a typical wine, quite intense, but those who like rich wine will love it.

KR: Intense salmon color. Intense aroma with sweet notes, hints of red berries and white flowers. Creamy brioche on the palate, with hints of red berries and sweet chewing gum. Well balanced, intense.

LA: Pronounced copper color, transparent. Very sweet, honey aroma, lollipops. Caramel flavor with good acidity. Very appetizing, strong.

№ 9. Chateau Gassier «Le Pas du Moine», Provence

IS: Typical shade of Provence rose wine. Sweet notes, red currant and raspberry. The classic aroma is lively, energetic, also with a pleasant sourness. Easy to drink!

KV: The bow is also noticeable. Good aroma of red berries, very balanced. I wonder how much it costs, if up to 15 euros, a very good wine, even outstanding.

RT: Bright pink, salmon color. Typical, open, fresh aroma with spices and fruits. Intense, spicy, fruity, slightly sweet and elegant. An almost excellent wine, complex in structure and intense.

KR: Delicate brass color. Intense aroma, stone fruit. Juicy, fruity, full-bodied. Good quality rosé wine with a bitter aftertaste.

LA: Delicate copper color. Light, delicate aroma, notes of red currant. Light, juicy taste, with hints of berries and a pleasant aftertaste. Classic spicy pink


Винная дегустация, розовое вино, винный магазин Noble Wine

After a blind tasting, when “the cards were open,” the participants in the expert assessment shared their impressions of the wines presented and highlighted especially interesting samples.

Irina Seomochkina: “Excellent seasonal wines, easy to drink and ideal for both light snacks and aperitifs. For a terrace, warm evenings. I singled out for myself No. 3, 7, 8. They are all different in style and each is suitable for its own occasion. For example, No. 8 is an atypical wine for Provence, very intense, but memorable. No. 2 was not that impressive, but if the price / quality ratio is good, then you can find a convenient opportunity for it. ”

Kaspars Vesitis: “Typical summer terrace wines from Provence, light and fresh. You can use them in almost unlimited quantities and in any situation. The wines that I noted for myself, I would divide into two groups. The first is No. 3, 7, 9 – light and airy wines. The second – No. 5 and No. 8, the wines are more intense, I would say not for everyone. But if anyone wants to try something special from Provence, then this is just for them. ”

Raymonds Thomsons: “Very clear, simple, good quality wines that are well received by customers. All of them are gastronomic, and can be used both with some dishes and by themselves. I would like to especially note No. 9, although I will immediately make a reservation that this wine for my taste is balanced, expected, with fruits and spices. Provence is completely different – it is No. 5 and No. 8, distinguished by the richness and quality of aging in oak barrels. But it’s just not my fault. ”

Kaspars Reytups: “The rosé wines from Provence are of good quality. Suitable for both dinner and light romantic meetings. Each of the presented wines is suitable for a particular occasion. I would like to highlight samples 2, 7 and 8, which can be called typical gastronomic wines. But I wouldn’t drink them every day. But No. 5 is just wine for every day – fruity, fresh, soft, floral, aromatic. ”

Lotars Arends: “Everyone has already spoken about this, I just have to repeat myself. A purely seasonal rosé wine, ideal to drink in the sun on the terrace. Of the wines, I especially remember No. 8, I remember it precisely for its atypicality – a rich, strong wine with its own character. If someone prefers a juicy, characteristic wine from Provence, then this is No. 3. ”