“Noble Wine Wine School is a great way to spend time interesting and useful not only for those who are just starting their acquaintance with the secrets of the world of wine, but also for those who want to expand their knowledge about wine, its peculiarities and history of its production. Wine School Noble Wine offers wine connoisseurs of Latvia a unique opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the wine cultures of France and Italy, their ancient traditions, geography and peculiarities.

During each lecture we will taste 5 wines, matched to the theme of the evening.

Price: € 210 for a course of 7 lectures (€ 35 if you sign up for individual lectures)

Price includes: Tasting of 5 wines, light snacks, lecture from the sommelier, study materials

Lectured by: Ronalds Petersons

Guntis Berzins

Duration of courses: 7 lectures (duration 2 hours 30 minutes)

The courses are scheduled to start at the beginning of October. Lectures will be held every week on Mondays or Tuesdays.

List of courses:

Winemaking and its types. Features of the geography and types of soil in France and Italy
8 significant wine regions of France
Burgundy: In-Depth Lecture on Styles, Appeals and Grapes
Rhone Valley: In-depth Lecture on Styles, Appeals and Grapes
20 significant wine regions of Italy
Piedmont: In-Depth Lecture on Styles, Appeals and Grapes
Tuscany: In-Depth Lecture on Styles, Appeals and Grapes

For more information about Noble Wine School, call 25966298 (Ronalds)

Limited number of seats!