Розовое вино Chateau Roubine в магазине Noble Wine

First, let’s find out how this irreplaceable summer drink is made. Many people may think that this is a mixture of white wine with red, but this is not so – in all of France, with the exception of the Champagne region, where it is occasionally used, it is illegal. The easiest option is to gently squeeze the juice from red grapes, because it is always white and all the color pigment is in the skin; then gently add the peel to the wine and leave for 1-3 days to macerate. When the winemaker is satisfied with the color and taste of the drink, the skin needs to be removed for further vinification processes. The result is a rosé wine that has some of the qualities of a red wine and a freshness of white. The most common grape varieties from which rose is produced are Pinot Noir, Grenache, Zinfandel and Tempronilo.


So which way to look when choosing a dish for rosé wine? Light snacks such as anchovies, melon and prosciutto, as well as any appetizer with olives, are always suitable for the style of rosé wine.

Main Dishes

If we talk about the main dishes, it will be lobster, crab, shrimp, tuna, salmon, light pizzas and salads with cheese. Some rose from the Tavel region or rosé from Sardinia go well with heavy barbecue dishes such as ribs, chicken fillets, mink or beaver.

Тунец отлично подходит к розовому вину

Tuna goes well with rose wine


For dessert, you can always take a glass of pink with cheeses like Brie, Camembert, Rublechon, as well as a light fruit salad.

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Photos of the dishes are provided by the Burkāns restaurant in Riga at Naberezhnaya 11. November 9