Burgundy vineyards are among the oldest in the world, and thanks to the unique climatic conditions and the accumulated centuries-old experience of local winemakers, Burgundy is considered one of the key wine-making regions of France, where they produce perhaps some of the most outstanding white wines in the world – Chablis wines are rightfully called the flagship of the French winemaking. However, Burgundy is not only Chablis. The province is divided into four main areas, the most wine-producing of which is the Côte-d’Or, located between Dijon and Santenay. Côte d’Or is divided in turn into two parts – Côte de Nuits in the north and Côte de Beaune in the south. And if the former specializes mainly in the production of red wine, then both red and white wines are made in Côte-de-Beaune.

Chassagne-Montrachet is an area of ​​numerous wineries in the southern part of Burgundy Côte-de-Beaune. This appellation of two Burgundy grape varieties growing side by side – Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – produces 19 wines of the Premier Cru class, as well as three appellations of the Grand Cru class: Montrachet, Batard-Montrachet and Criots-Batard Montrachet.

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At an altitude of 220 to 325 meters, a variety of soils are found – from pebbled limestone and calcareous clay to sandstones formed in the Jurassic period. The success of local wines lies in the diversity of soils and the uniqueness of climatic conditions, which is reflected in the name of the wines of this appellation: the key concept in them is “climat”, that is, the name of the plantation, which is characterized by a combination of specific factors – the orientation of the given appellation, microclimate and soil type, which is indicated on the label of each bottle.

Chassagne-Montrachet white wines are a sparkling gold-colored chardonnay with a subtle green hue. These wines are characterized by the aroma of acacia and a mixture of honeysuckle with verbena and hazelnuts, and in some cases, the aroma of lightly toasted bread or butter. The wine has a deep mineral taste that takes on notes of honey or ripe pear with age.

Chassagne-Montrachet red wines, on the other hand, are represented by a rich crimson pinot noir with aromas of cherry, wild strawberry, gooseberry and raspberry, complemented by aromas of animal origin and spices. Delightful meatiness of these wines partly hides tannins, which, although quite pronounced in a young wine, give way with age to a concentrated and rich structure, intriguing in its complexity.

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One of the many manufacturers in the Chassagne-Montrachet area is Le Domaine Philippe Colin. This is a great example of elegant, especially mineral wines under the Chassagne-Montrachet brand. The history of the Le Domaine Philippe COLIN winery began in 2004, when Michel Colin, a representative of the third generation of a family of winemakers from Burgundy, retired, divided his estate between his two sons. Philippe Colin, who was involved in the family wine business from a young age and received an excellent specialized education, inherited from his father a passion for oenology. He continued the family business, developing his own view of the wine business, and established the production of wine under his own name. In 2008, four years after his first harvest, Colin achieved great success: four of his wines were rated 90 and above.

In Le Domaine Philippe Colin white wines, sweet fruity aromas harmoniously fight against pronounced minerality, and the maturity and natural acidity of the wine are brought to the limit, which achieves an unshakable balance in structure and its richness. According to the winemaker himself, the harvest of each year is considered by his team as a separate discovery. They strive to produce very balanced wines, therefore they attach great importance to the choice of the start date of the grape harvest and all stages of work in the vineyards, including systematic control of natural phenomena and insects, as well as plowing the soil and breaking leaves in July to optimize maturation.

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Colin grows grapes on the northern slope of Chassagne, achieving extraordinary minerality in the taste – in his white wines you can feel the aroma of limestone and crushed oyster shells, and light fruity notes over time turn into more juicy – from honey of wildflowers to sharp soaked pear.

Today, the estate operates 11.5 hectares of vineyards located in different parts of Chassagne-Montrachet, which allows you to feel the richness of the region’s soil and the possibilities of wine production. Philippe Colin’s three main estates in Chassagne are Les Chaumees, Les Vergers and Les Chenevottes. Here he produces 24 wines – about 90,000 bottles a year (70% white and 30% red wines). Approximately 40% of them are consumed in France, most of them are exported to the EU countries, as well as to Singapore, Japan, the USA, etc. In Latvia, some copies of Le Domaine Philippe Colin can be found in the Noble Wine store on ul. Elizabetes, 23.


Star wines Le Domaine Philippe Colin

2008 Philippe Colin, Premier Cru, Les Chaumees, Chassagne-Montrachet 2008 Philippe Colin, Premier Cru, Les Chenevottes, Chassagne-Montrachet 2008 Philippe Colin, Premier Cru, Les Vergers, Chassagne-Montrachet
Aroma: elegant, reveals notes of citrus, peach, oak and honey. Aroma: balanced, delicate, floral, with notes of yellow fruits, citrus, silicon and oak. Aroma: pronounced bouquet with notes of plum, honey and citrus.
Palate: intense mineral, well balanced, with a pleasant fresh acidity and silky texture. Notes of lemon and light spices, long aftertaste. Palate: pleasant, refreshing wine with a fine rounded texture and balanced acidity. Notes of citrus, ripe apple and spices. Long aftertaste, specific and complex taste. Palate: excellent clean taste with pronounced acidity and pleasant minerality, filled with rich tones of pear, peach and citrus. Long aftertaste, long lifespan.