Non-alcoholic wines and champagnes have become rapidly popular in recent years. Their demand has increased as people are increasingly interested in a healthy lifestyle and want alternatives to alcoholic beverages.

Beverage manufacturers offer a wide range of non-alcoholic wines and champagnes to suit different tastes. They are designed with the taste and aroma of classic champagne or wine in mind, but with the alcohol content removed or reduced. They are made using special technologies, such as vacuum distillation or low-temperature fermentation, to preserve as much of the wine or champagne’s characteristic flavors and aromas as possible.

Meet French Bloom

History of  non-alcoholic champagne


The beginnings of non-alcoholic champagne can be traced back to the late 19th century, when winemaker Adolphe Jacquesson introduced a method to remove alcohol from wine by pressing. These were the first attempts to create a drink with champagne-like effervescence and taste, but without alcohol.

At the beginning of the 20th century, producers began to offer alcohol-free wines and champagnes made by removing or reducing alcohol. However, these drinks were often sweetened and did not always offer authentic taste and aroma.

1970-1980 In the 1990s, new technologies were introduced that allowed to improve the quality of soft drinks. Vacuum technology was used to remove the alcohol from the wine, preserving its taste and aroma. During this period, non-alcoholic champagnes and wines began to become more popular and accessible to a larger segme

We at Noble Wine are delighted to introduce the exquisite French Bloom!


Organic French sparkling drink with 0.0% alcohol. All French Bloom Cuvees are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, resulting in a naturally healthy drink with low calories. These wines are created by separating the alcohol from organic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines, adding natural ingredients to them. French Bloom non-alcoholic sparkling wines do not contain dyes, preservatives, sulphites and no added sugar.

French bloom assortment

The makers

This brand was created by two long-time friends, Maggie and Constance, who each lived on their own side of the ocean. When the friends met again in 2019 in Paris, Maggie, the director of the Michelin Guide, was expecting twins at the time, while Constance was a top model. The two friends are united by the pursuit of well-being in any life situation, and while attending various events, they quickly came to the conclusion that non-alcoholic, festive and sophisticated drinks simply cannot be found, and that was the moment when the idea for French Bloom was born. The innovative and feminine approach of the two young ladies gives their brand an alternative and appealing drink for those who want to celebrate elegantly and differently, making the most of precious moments spent with friends and family.

The makers of French Bloom

French Bloom philosophy – Enhancing the moment for everyone. Two types of non-alcoholic beverages are available:


Le Rose Organic French Bubbly 0.0% alcohol.


Šī dzirkstošā dzēriena kompleksitāte ir labi sabalansēta starp mineralitāti un svaigumu. Majestātisks rožu ziedlapiņu aromāts satiekas ar svaigi plūktu sarkano augļu skābumu un baltā persika notīm. French Bloom raksturīgie Franču Chardonnay akcenti ar Pinot Noir pieskārienu paspilgtina šī dzirkstošā dzēriena aromātus.

Spending your moments with family and friends

Le Blanc Organic French Bubbly 0.0% alcohol

Dealcoholized organic French Chardonnay blend. This wine has minerality with pear accents. Between acidity and depth, this wine reveals dazzling floral aromas, its tropical notes are followed by an evolution of apple flavors, white floral accords and slightly juicy citrus fruits with sparkling freshness.


Overturning all stereotypes and winning a place in sommelier circles, French Bloom will also go well with various dishes, opening the taste buds at a feast or mixing delicious, non-alcoholic cocktails. These sparkling wines are best enjoyed well chilled.

In 2022, French Bloom won the title – World’s Best Alcohol-free at the World Sparkling Wine Awards ceremony.

The blanc french bloom

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