Clos Cibonne “Cuvée Caroline”

The label depicting the vineyards of the Château de la Cibonne and the ancient gate of the 17th century was created in 1930. A bit old-fashioned, it embodies a terroir and tradition that perfectly reflects the passion of five generations of successive Provence winemakers.

Castello Romitorio Brunello di Montalcino

Illustration of a painting by Sandro Chia, an Italian monumental painter born in Florence. In 1984, he acquired the old castle of Romitorio in Tuscany with the adjacent Brunello vineyards. Bottles of wine adorn his work with dignity. Sandro Chia is one of those artists who is trying to return to art the lost hedonism and pleasure of life, and his passion for wine is a kind of proof of his worldview.

Dionisio Castagnino

The Tuscan wine label of the couple Fabrizio and Alessandra Dionisio depicts a drawing of their daughter, who depicted her vacation in a country house in Cortona, which has become a family winery. She was able to very accurately convey the feelings of the parents to the place where they create their unique wines.

Jermann W…. Dreams …

This label has a rather rich history, since 1987 the name of the wine and the label itself have changed several times, embodying all the new meanings. The current version has existed since 2003, invented by Silvio Jermann, the winemaker who creates the legendary white wines of Italy. He is a fan of the rock ballads of the group U2, and W…. Dreams … is a derivative of the title of their song Where the Streets have no Name, which today is reincarnated as Where Dreams can happen. They are also the phases of the moon, the colors of the rainbow and an unfinished phrase with ellipses for the flight of your imagination.

Domaine des Roches Neuves “Terres Amforas”

A wine created in the Loire Valley by the charismatic Thierry Germain, who has managed to express the enormous potential of local wines through aging in an ancient way – in clay amphoras. The biodynamic approach to growing grapes, the use of horses and amphorae, manual labor, respect for nature and the land (fr. Terres) allow us to produce a unique, vibrant wine, the label of which embodies the philosophy of its creation.

Bodegas R. López de Heredia “Viña Tondonia”

The vintage Spanish label fully justifies its existence on a bottle of wine from the Heredia family. The history of this winery goes back 142 years since the founding of the bodega. Family heritage, traditional approach and methods of wine production, passed down from generation to generation, remain the core values ​​in the creation of this wine. For example, such a long aging of red wines – for 72 months in oak barrels! – not every modern manufacturer can boast in the Rioja region.

Gulfi Nerojbleo

The pair featured on the Sicilian wine label symbolizes Eros (the god of love) and Psyche (the goddess of beauty), whose illicit love engendered desire. Gulfi borrowed and adapted this story, in which Gulfi introduces Eros, whose love for the beautiful Sicilian land of Psyche produces wines that are true expressions of pleasure. Not a bad metaphor!