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Share your dream with our sommeliers - and it will be in your hands

There are over 500 wines in our store, but we do not exclude that your wishes may go beyond this range. What to do if you have walked all over Riga, but did not find your favorite wine – even here? How to live?! Accept – or go in search of the cherished treasure yourself?

Make an order at Noble Wine! Our sommeliers will surely find what you need from winemakers, agree on a favorable price and deliver your order to Riga as soon as possible.

Vintage wines of a particularly valuable harvest, rare Super Tuscans, the best examples of the great five from Bordeaux, legends of Burgundy … All your wishes will come true!

You should contact us if:

  • it took a rarity from a certain terroir, a particular year;
  • you want to make a unique gift and give the addressee a vintage of his favorite wine (by the way, you can make such a gift to yourself!);
  • wish to replenish your collection with non-standard bottles;
  • once tasted an amazing wine in Europe and still cannot forget its taste, but you will never find this gift of Dionysus in Riga.
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Rely on us. With extensive professional contacts in the European winemaking community and working with an established network of suppliers, we fulfill orders of the most demanding clients. Before delivery, we evaluate the wines professionally and guarantee their quality.