More Than A Bar

Good mood corner for people with great taste
A unique collection of wines - from legendary to extravagant
  • 400 wines in bottles and 80 wines in glasses
  • Dishes that enhance the taste of wine
  • Rare wines from family winemakers in Europe

There are 365 days in a year, and our collection contains 400 wines, each of which is ready to tell you its own story: classic, romantic, cozy, shocking, frivolous, philosophical or crazy. If you come to us every evening and order something new every time, not even a year will be enough to get acquainted with the unique collection of Noble Wine.

If you prefer to order wine by the glass, there are 80 options to choose from. This is more than Fridays in the year. No, we will not let you get bored. Yes, we will be able to pleasantly surprise you.

Each wine in the Noble Wine collection is an interlocutor with an original character and an exciting history. Come, choose and open the door to Burgundy, Rhone, Piedmont and other regions where the playful lightness of being is born.

More, more fun!

A unique collection of wines and champagnes by glass

Закуски Noble Wine Bar

For any wine in our bar, you will find the perfect complement from the menu. Some wines are good with cheeses, others with meat, and still others are best with seafood.

The main thing is not to spoil the taste of the wine. The dishes on our menu highlight, not overshadow, the wines you enjoy.

Noble Wine cuisine principles: natural ingredients, minimal processing, and inspiration from our wine travels. All recipes are developed in close cooperation between the leading Noble Wine sommeliers and the best chefs in Latvia.

Always ready to talk (if you want to)

The professionals working at Noble Wine will be happy to help you with the selection of wines and the selection of dishes to them. You will be able to find out details about each bottle of wine, its origin, character, nuances of taste.

Khayyam, Napoleon, Maugham – you are in good company

We could pick up a thousand words from great people who had a gift for finding truth in wine, but you yourself are great at googling.

It would be possible to philosophize with Ovid, Sophocles and Aristotle about the gifts of Dionysus, but it is better to drink a couple of glasses than to talk about them.

And there was also an idea to call this bar a wine club, but they decided to do without pathos.

After all, Noble Wine is open for ...
  • Connoisseurs and beginners in the world of wines. By the way, the latter are quickly turning into experts.
  • Business people and poets. However, after the second or third bottle the difference disappears!
  • Couples in love and friendly companies. And lonely wolves eager to communicate with a sommelier.
  • High society snobs and those who today want to relax their tie. Why half measures? Rip off and lose!
  • Fashionable party-goers choosing trending locations. We guarantee – the photo from Noble Wine looks great on Instagram.
  • And everyone who wants to relax, rest alone from the hustle and bustle, indulge in a charming melancholy …
Come on, here you can just have a glass after a working day!
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