Women Winemakers

Women winemakers are not rare case anymore. The wine world knows the names of many great women who managed to form their own unique style in wine and thus become an example to follow. Among our wines there are also many bright and distinctive samples created by heirs of wine dynasties and simply talented women.

We are proud to meet and work with women from the wine world like Anna Parant (Domaine Parant) – a bright, charismatic and active lady, the face of the Pomar region in Burgundy. Also other wineries from Burgundy are rich in female names: Caroline Parant Gros (Domaine A. F. Gros), Chantal and Clotilde Lafarge (Domaine Lafarge), Julie Belland (Domaine Roger Belland).

From Champagne, we successfully sell wines from Isabelle Diebolt-Vallois – the master of Chardonnay white and blanc de blancs champagne.

In the Rhone Valley, we were fortunate enough to meet an outstanding winemaker, Christine Vernay (Domaine Georges Vernay), awarded with many awards and prestigious awards, who can be safely called the “Queen of Condrieu”.

The eighth-generation winemaker Chatharina Mauritz (Weingut Domdechant Werner) always surprises the Rieslings from the Rheingau with her skill.

In Tuscany, this is a whole galaxy of selfless ladies who continue the work of their ancestors: Principessa Coralia Pignatelli della Leonessa (Castell’in Villa), Katia Nussbaum (San Polino), Catherina Carli (Il Colle), Anna Maria Cruciata (Val di Toro).