Wine Accessories

Everything for the elegant presentation of noble drinks

For a long time philosophers have been arguing which is better – good wine in an earthen jug or trashy wine in crystal? What is more important – form or content? We have found the answer to this question: no half-measures! An exquisite wine worthy of a great setting and professional presentation.

At Noble Wine Shop you can buy professional accessories and supplies used by sommeliers and wine connoisseurs – from glasses to tasting sets and storage systems.

Believe us, it is not out of snobbery that connoisseurs choose Lehmann Glass decanters and glasses, but in order to reveal the finest shades of an exquisite bouquet. However, do not take their word for it. Check it yourself!

We have a large assortment, in a wide price range:
  • storage accessories that allow you to preserve the valuable qualities of wines;
  • glasses and decanters for elegant serving;
  • corkscrews, vacuum pumps and wine opening systems (Coravin and Zzysh).

There are suitable options for both discerning pros and beginner lovers of good drinks.

Noble Wine accessories are your style. Your pleasure

Everything for the elegant presentation of noble drinks