Private sommelier services

Noble Wine offers the exclusive opportunity to consult with a private sommelier



Noble Wine offers the exclusive opportunity to consult with a private sommelier on all wine-related matters and engage a professional for private events and tastings. If you have any doubts, are looking for rare wines, or need individual cooperation, please contact us!

Private sommelier services include:

  • consultations on wine storage;;
  • individual orders of rare wines;
  • management of the range of refrigerators;
  • private tastings.
Private Somm VODZ


Our store has more than 500 wines, but your desires may exceed this range. What will you do if you searched all the wine stores in Riga, but did not find what you were looking for? Call Noble Wine! Our competent sommeliers will quickly organize what you want from world manufacturers and agree on a favourable price and the fastest possible delivery of your order!


  • a rare example of a wine of a particular year from a particular terroir;
  • make a unique gift – your favourite wine or wine of a particular vintage;
  • replenish your collection with non-standard bottles;
  • acquire a hard-to-find, once beloved amazing European wine.


Vintage wines of especially valuable vintages, rare Super Tuscans, the best specimens of the outstanding Bordeaux five, the legends of Burgundy… One step and the object of desire is in your hands!

Contact our Private Sommelier Voldemars Dzenis with any comfortable way for you – Through the phone number +371 22475575 our through E-mail, he will answer in the fastest time possible, with the best possible offer, that suits your needs