About Wine Courses

Make discoveries. Explore the world of noble drinks with Noble Wine

A person who understands wines will always find a topic for conversation, easily navigate the wine list of a respectable restaurant, and earn respect from others. But the most important thing is that knowledge in this area greatly increases the pleasure from each glass of good wine.

Do you want to enter the circle of wine lovers and connoisseurs – or at least get the basic knowledge for a confident choice of wine in a store, bar, restaurant? We invite you to take courses at Noble Wine School.

This is a school where everyone learns with great interest and enthusiasm. But how else? Wine tasting is not physics and chemistry. We are sure you will not want to skip school!
By attending our courses, you will spend your time both profitably and with pleasure. Each theme is an exciting journey into an unknown area of winemaking. Under the guidance of professional sommeliers, you will learn:
  • easy to juggle terms;
  • distinguish between grape varieties;
  • evaluate the bouquet and taste of wine;
  • make the perfect gastronomic pair.
There is only one problem: the more you learn about wine, the stronger your thirst for new discoveries will become.
However, there is a solution to this problem. You can continue your acquaintance with the culture of wine in specialized tours and at events of Noble Wine, because exploring the world of wine is an endless journey ... And endlessly exciting.

Explore the world of noble drinks with us