Noble Wine Magazine

We write about wine professionally, easily and tastefully

How to make a dozen trips at once through the famous wine-making regions of Europe, look into the sanctum of family producers and visit restaurants with the best wine lists without leaving Riga? Sit back in your favorite chair, take a glass of your favorite wine in one hand, and the new issue of Noble Wine magazine in the other. And your journey will begin!

Noble Wine is produced in Latvian and Russian. Delicious texts and splendid photographs – this is the style of presentation in which we serve valuable knowledge, useful tips and information about new wine products for the reader.

They will share their knowledge and impressions with you:
  • famous Latvian and foreign sommeliers;
  • wine and restaurant critics;
  • chefs and restaurateurs;
  • popular bloggers;
  • stories and interviews of famous winemakers.

Each issue contains meeting people who create wine, an overview of unique terroirs, walks through European restaurants and professional recommendations on the choice of drinks.

Noble Wine is the first specialized wine publication in Latvia.
Caution - grips so hard to come off!