Arnaud Baillot Volnay 2021

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Pinot Noir | Burgundy | France | Red Wine | Domaine Arnaud Baillot | 2021 | 0,75 L | 12,5 %
Arnaud Baillot Volnay 2021 is a dry red wine, crafted exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes, sourced from the esteemed Volnay appellation in the Burgundy region of France. This wine embodies the elegance and finesse characteristic of Volnay, showcasing Arnaud Baillot's commitment to traditional winemaking practices and the expression of terroir. The 2021 vintage is noted for its vibrant fruit profile, balanced structure, and refined tannins.
Tasting notes

Tasting notes for Arnaud Baillot Volnay 2021 reveal a captivating bouquet of red cherries, raspberries, and violets, complemented by subtle earthy undertones and a hint of spice. On the palate, it offers a medium-bodied texture with bright acidity and silky tannins, featuring flavors of fresh red fruits, a touch of minerality, and a long, elegant finish. This Pinot Noir is celebrated for its balance, complexity, and the harmonious integration of fruit and earthiness.


Arnaud Baillot Volnay 2021 pairs beautifully with roasted duck, grilled salmon, or mushroom risotto, where its acidity and fruitiness enhance the savory flavors of the dishes. It also complements a variety of cheeses and charcuterie, providing a delightful contrast and elevating the overall dining experience with its refined and vibrant character.

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Domaine Arnaud Baillot
Arnaud Baillot atrodas Beaune reģionā, Côte-d’Or sirdī. Arnо ir īpašnieks un vīndaris, kurš šobrīd prezentē savu piekto ražu no ierobežotā daudzumā pieejamā Burgundijas crus. Aizrāvies ar Burgundijas reģiona vīnu daudzveidību un apvienojot spēkus ar sievu Laure, kura ir slavenā Domaine Hudelot-Noëllat mazmeita no Chambolle-Musigny komūnas, Arno ir ķēries pie īpašu Burgundijas vīnu darīšanas. Abi ar sievu ar aizrautību piemeklē vīnogu šķirnes, pieskata vīna darīšanas procesus un izvēlas piemērotākās mucas, kurās vīnus nogatavināt. 2017.gadā Arno un Laure sāka iegādāties savā īpašumā Côte de Beaune vīnogu laukus, sperot savu pirmo soli, lai savā īpašumā ražotu vīnus "Domaine Arnaud Baillot". Viņu filozofija ir cienīt un veicināt Burgundijas vīna reģiona sarežģītību, vienlaikus ražojot Terroir vadītus vīnus. Pie mums varēsi atrast viņu neatkārtojamos vīnus: Bourgogne Cote d’Or 2021, Bourgogne Chardonnay 2021, Saint-Aubin 1er Cru 2018, Volnay 2021, kā arī Vosne-Romanee 2021.
Pinot Noir has very aromatic profile, very fresh acidity and low level of quaite soft tannins. The nature of Pinot Noir wine is its flavors of red berries and cherry (red sour cherries in lighter wines and cooked black cherries in bold examples). This wine matures very exating, developing notes of berry jam, violets, leather, moss and mushrooms.
Volnay is famous for its elegant red wines - they are refined and seductive, but their aromas of ripe red berries are adored by wine lovers around the world. The soil is soft and spoiled by sunlight and reflects in the quality of the particularly delicate and tender wines produced here. Volnay was also the first appellation to introduce the law „Mis en Bouteille au Domain” which states that wine must be bottled in the same place it is made - this has become an indicator of quality throughout Burgundy.
Burgundy (Bourgogne) can be confusing because of the multiplicity of its appellations - all the small vineyards are divided between multiple producers so it can often be difficult to understand this diversity. However, it is the exact reason why the wines of Burgundy are considered to be the finest in the world. A common topic of discussion, when talking about Burgundy, is the concept of "terroir" - a unique combination of soil and climate conditions that affects the taste of wine in the appellations, making it unique to each village. Winemakers mainly use the capricious Pinot Noir and the classical Chardonnay to create true masterpieces, while Gamay and Aligote are used to make wines of a bit simpler style. Particular attention should be paid to the hierarchy of wines. First there are the regional and village wines, a step higher - the Premier Cru wines and the outstanding Grand Cru - at the top. Due the complex and inconsistent weather that can notably impact wine quality especially in bad harvest years, a very important factor here is the so called millesime - the harvest year of the grapes the particular wine is produced of, because each of these years has its own unique taste. Purchasing Burgundy wines is not easy because there are many details that should be taken into consideration - the class of the vineyard, the assessment of the manufacturer, the age of the vines, the quality of the wine as well as the millesime and, of course, the potential of ageing. The sellers play a big role here - they must be truly passionate about wine and able to offer only the best quality producers with a good reputation. That is exactly the way "Noble Wine" works!