Battenfeld Spanier Hohen Sultzen Alte Reben 2022

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Pinot Noir | Rheinhessen | Germany | Red Wine | Battenfeld Spanier | 2020 | 0,75 L | 12,5 %
Battenfeld Spanier Spätburgunder "Hohen-Sülzen Alte Reben" 2022 is an exceptional dry red wine, crafted from old vine Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) grapes meticulously selected from the "Hohen-Sülzen" vineyards in Rheinhessen, Germany. This wine exemplifies the winery's commitment to showcasing the unique characteristics and potential of Rheinhessen terroir, particularly through the lens of old vines, which contribute depth, concentration, and complexity to the wine. The "Alte Reben" designation signifies that the vines have deeply rooted themselves into the region's soil, capturing the essence of Rheinhessen's diverse terroir and resulting in a Spätburgunder that is both expressive and nuanced, with a focus on purity and elegance.
Tasting notes

The 2022 “Hohen-Sülzen Alte Reben” Spätburgunder offers a sophisticated nose of ripe red berries, cherries, and a hint of earthiness, underpinned by delicate floral and spice notes that add to its complexity. On the palate, it unfolds with a silky texture, revealing layers of red fruit, subtle oak, and a balanced acidity that leads to a smooth, lingering finish. This wine’s elegance and depth are a testament to the quality of the old vines and the meticulous winemaking approach of Battenfeld Spanier, making it a standout example of German Pinot Noir.


Pairing the Battenfeld Spanier Spätburgunder “Hohen-Sülzen Alte Reben” with dishes such as roasted duck, mushroom risotto, or grilled salmon can accentuate the wine’s complex flavors and silky texture. It also pairs beautifully with a charcuterie board featuring a variety of cheeses and cured meats, where the wine’s balanced acidity and fruitiness complement the richness of the food. These pairings not only enhance the dining experience but also highlight the wine’s versatility and its ability to pair harmoniously with a wide range of culinary styles.

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Wine Searcher review

Pinot Noir has very aromatic profile, very fresh acidity and low level of quaite soft tannins. The nature of Pinot Noir wine is its flavors of red berries and cherry (red sour cherries in lighter wines and cooked black cherries in bold examples). This wine matures very exating, developing notes of berry jam, violets, leather, moss and mushrooms.