Noble Wine Subscription

Noble Wine has put together an unrivaledly pleasant offer – a wine subscription. Receive a selection of wines made by our sommeliers in your home every month!


In July, we offer 4 selections of wines created by our sommeliers – Summer Classics, Sparkling Secrets, Fine Wine and Red Box. The author of the selections is sommelier Ruta Kalniņa.


Click on the name of the wine selection you own and get to know more about the wines.

Summer Classics

Celebrate the joys of warm weather with our Summer Classics Wine Set, capturing the essence of the season in each bottle. Perfect for sunny afternoons and outdoor gatherings, this set offers crisp, refreshing whites ideal for seafood and salads, a delightful rosé for tapas and charcuterie, and a rich red to enhance grilled meats. Whether you’re sharing with friends or giving a thoughtful gift, these wines promise to elevate your summer moments and make every occasion unforgettable.

Sparkling Secrets

Unveil the magic of bubbles with our Sparkling Secrets Set, perfect for festive celebrations and joyful gatherings. Each bottle in this collection offers a unique sparkling experience. Delight in the elegance of a Premier Cru Champagne, the crisp purity of a Blanc de Blancs, the romantic charm of a Brut Rosé, the refined sophistication of a Crémant, and the playful vibrancy of a Pet-Nat. Ideal for toasting special moments or as a sparkling gift, this set promises to bring joy and sparkle to any occasion.

Fine Wine

Indulge in the elegant Fine Wine Set! This collection brings together exceptional wines, each offering a unique tasting experience. Ideal for sophisticated gatherings or as an elegant gift, these wines enhance gourmet meals and special occasions. From a refined white that pairs beautifully with seafood and creamy pasta, to a robust red perfect for truffle dishes and game meats, and a superb Champagne for celebrations, this set promises to elevate any moment into an unforgettable experience.

Red Box

Discover the exquisite Red Wine Collection, curated for the true aficionado. This selection showcases six exceptional wines, each delivering a distinct and memorable tasting experience. Perfect for elegant dinners, sophisticated gatherings, or as a luxurious gift, these wines complement gourmet cuisine and special occasions. Whether enjoyed with hearty meat dishes, classic French fare, charcuterie, and roasted poultry, this collection promises to elevate any moment. Indulge yourself or someone special with these outstanding wines.