Somloi Apatsagi Pince “Juhfark”

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Juhfark | Somlo | Hungary | White Wine | Somlói Apátsági Pince | 2020 | 0,75 L | 13,5 %
Somloi Apatsagi Pince "Juhfark" is a dry white wine, crafted exclusively from the Juhfark grape variety, which is indigenous to the Somló region in Hungary. This wine exemplifies the unique volcanic terroir of Somló, known for producing wines with distinct minerality and complexity, and showcases the traditional winemaking techniques of Somloi Apatsagi Pince. The Juhfark grape is celebrated for its ability to convey the terroir's characteristics, making this wine a true expression of its origin.
Tasting notes

Tasting notes for Somloi Apatsagi Pince “Juhfark” reveal an intriguing bouquet of green apple, pear, and citrus, complemented by hints of white flowers and a pronounced minerality. On the palate, it offers a crisp acidity and a full-bodied texture, with flavors of lemon zest, stone fruits, and a touch of smokiness, leading to a long, refreshing finish. This wine is noted for its depth, complexity, and the distinctive mineral notes imparted by the volcanic soils of Somló.


Somloi Apatsagi Pince “Juhfark” pairs beautifully with rich seafood dishes such as scallops or lobster, where its acidity and minerality enhance the flavors of the seafood. It also complements creamy poultry dishes and mature cheeses, providing a refreshing contrast and elevating the overall dining experience with its vibrant and complex profile.

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