French Bloom Rose non-alco sparkling wine

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France | French Bloom
French Bloom Rosé is a non-alcoholic wine alternative that offers a sophisticated option for those who want to enjoy wine without alcohol. It is made in France following traditional winemaking methods to ensure a quality product. This rosé is part of a growing trend of premium soft drinks that appeal to health-conscious consumers and those who appreciate the nuances of fine wines.
Long-time friends, Constance & Maggie who live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, meet again in Paris in 2019. Maggie, Director of the Michelin Guide, is pregnant with twins. Constance pursues her career as a top model. Both of them are driven by a quest for well-being against all odds. During social gatherings, they soon realize how non-alcoholic, festive and sophisticated drinks are non-existent. The idea for French Bloom was born. Through their innovative and female-founded brand, French Bloom gives an alternative and inviting drink to those wanting to celebrate elegantly and differently, making the most of the precious moments shared with friends and family.
Tasting notes

French Bloom Rosé offers a light pink hue reminiscent of traditional Provençal rosés and exudes fresh red berry and floral notes. On the palate, it offers a refreshing and crisp taste with strawberry notes and a touch of citrus, balanced by a subtle minerality. The finish is clean and dry, making it a delightful and sophisticated non-alcoholic alternative.


This non-alcoholic rosé goes well with light and fresh dishes such as summer salads, grilled fish or light pasta dishes. Its crunchy and fruity profile complements the flavor of seafood, especially shellfish such as shrimp or scallops. Plus, it’s perfect for a light snack or as a refreshing addition to brunch.

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