An exquisite wine list and elegant serving of drinks can turn any ordinary event into an exclusive celebration.


The mood of a successful holiday is just like a fascinating game of sliding pearls – emotions swirl like bubbles in champagne, they flicker in the firelight, swirl in a waltz and easily intoxicate. Exciting!


Individual service and original wine themes

You won’t surprise anyone with an evening host at a wedding, nor at a corporate party, but a professional sommelier will make your evening stand out among other festive events.

Include an interactive wine-themed tasting in the evening program to make your guests’ celebration truly memorable.

We organize cooperative wine meetings in a collective, where it is possible to talk about wine and food in an easy-going setting, without thinking about everyday job matters, get together and get to know each other better, spending time not only with a glass of wine, but also usefully.

Tastings included:

  • •wine tasting with the assistance of a certified sommelier;
  • wine tasting;
  • snacks with wine;
  • informative materials.

We have the “Green Room” available for small groups of up to ten people. This one-of-a-kind venue can be used for private and corporate wine events such as wine tastings or dinners, as well as business meetings and team building activities, as it is equipped with a Full HD television for presentations.


Standard Wine events

Champagne secrets (up to 9 people – 765 EUR)

Although navigating champagnes is difficult, it is exciting! The process of getting to know champagne can become a never-ending journey throughout your life. Throughout a relaxing talk, you will learn about Champagne traditions, serving and storage rules, as well as how to discern myths from reality and get answers to the most popular questions that are asked to the sommelier. We’ll show you how to taste champagne and what to look for while selecting this drink. The Noble Wine team will be delighted to share their thoroughly researched knowledge with you!

We learn to understand wine (up to 9 people – 540 EUR)

Although it is difficult to navigate the wine world, it is exhilarating! Discovering the world of wine can be a life-long endeavour. This sample tasting workshop is for individuals who are just starting this adventure and want to learn the basics of wine culture. During a casual discussion, you will learn about the traditions of different countries, the regulations for serving and storing wine, how to discern myths from facts, and get answers to the most often asked sommelier questions. We will explain how to taste wine and teach you what to look for while selecting this drink. The Noble Wine staff will be delighted to share their in-depth knowledge with you!

Combining wine and cheese (up to 9 people – 720 EUR)

Noble Wine sommelier Sandra Grīnmane-Botikova invites you to a thematic tasting, during which you will taste six classic European cheeses accompanied by exquisite wines from France, Italy and Spain. It’s difficult to imagine a better wine pairing than cheese. The aromatic and velvety wine complements the soft structure of the cheese so nicely. It’s a tried-and-true classic, but not every wine goes well with every cheese. There are some principles and recommendations on how to make this union more exciting, so that neither product suppresses the taste of the other, but only improves the total taste perception.
During the tasting, we will sample six wine and cheese pairings and explore the nuances and mysteries of selecting these items.

Whiskey tasting (up to 9 people – 585 EUR)

Noble Wine encourages whisky enthusiasts to learn more about this traditional drink! In this tasting, led by sommelier Voldemars Dzenis, you will be able to try six selected samples of the aromatic strong drink, which will be accompanied by small appetisers that will properly highlight the nuances of their taste. Our sommelier will explain the history, stories and production traditions of the mysterious whisky!

Non-standard wine events

If you want something special, we have it on our shoulders. We offer a wide variety of appetisers and dishes available in collaboration with our partners 36.linija and WhiteHouse, and we can also invite an outside chef for your events. One of our sommeliers will match the wine to the food, as well as host the event and inform you about the wines and their compatibility with the food.


Please contact our manager Sandra Grīnmane-Botikova, she will take care for best offer for your special occasion.