Roger Groult kalvadoss 3 ANS d`Age 0,7L

Calvados Pays d`Auge AOC | Calvados | N.V. | 0,7 L | 40 % | Calvados Roger Groult
Roger Groult Calvados 3 ANS d'Âge is a young, semi-dry apple brandy, crafted from a blend of different apple varieties exclusively harvested in the renowned Normandy region of France. Aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels, this calvados embodies the freshness and vitality of Normandy's apples, combined with the early complexities introduced by the aging process. The 3 ANS d'Âge marks an accessible entry point into the world of calvados, offering a glimpse into the traditional craftsmanship and regional flavors that Roger Groult is celebrated for.
Tasting notes

The tasting notes for Roger Groult Calvados 3 ANS d’Âge reveal a vibrant array of fresh apple and pear aromas, leading to a lively palate that balances the crispness of youthful fruit with subtle hints of vanilla and oak from its barrel aging. The finish is clean and refreshing, with a delicate touch of spices, making it an engaging and approachable spirit.


This calvados pairs delightfully with creamy, soft cheeses, where its fruity notes and slight acidity cut through the richness, enhancing the flavors of both the cheese and the brandy. It also serves as an excellent companion to apple-based desserts, such as apple pie or galette, where its apple flavors complement the dish, adding depth and a touch of sophistication to the dessert course.

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