Belle Illoise sardines a la Nantais 115gr

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France | Belle Illoise
Belle-Iloise Sardines à la Nantaise are a sublime representation of traditional French culinary art, showcasing sardines prepared in a distinctive Nantes style. This specialty involves sardines marinated in a rich, aromatic blend that highlights the subtle flavors of white wine, shallots, and herbs, reflecting the culinary heritage of the Nantes region. The marinade not only enhances the natural, tender texture of the sardines but also imbues them with a complex bouquet of flavors, making each bite a harmonious symphony of taste. Perfect for those who appreciate the finesse of French cuisine and the freshness of the sea, Belle-Iloise Sardines à la Nantaise invite a moment of gastronomic delight, capturing the essence of Nantes' culinary tradition in every tin.
Ingridients, Nutritional information

Sardines in the taste of Nantes Ingredients: sardines (70%), butter (10.6%), cider vinegar (sulphites), onions (4%), alcohol vinegar, tomatoes, oil, salt, sunflower oil, parsley (0.5%) , muscadet (sulphites) (0.3%), potato starch. Net weight 115g. Information on the nutritional value of 100g of the product: energy value 1105kJ/266kcal; fat 20.8g; saturated fatty acids 10.67g; carbohydrates 1.8g; sugar 0.6g; proteins 18.6g; salt 0.9g.

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