Halloween, or All Saints Day, is celebrated on the night of October 31 to November 1. This holiday came to us from the USA and Canada, although its roots go back to the time of the Celts who lived in England, Ireland and Northern France. However, those who celebrate Halloween are now more interested in modern Western customs, rather than the traditions of the Celts.

Today, Halloween is a celebration of carnivals and noisy festivities. Its symbol is considered to be a pumpkin, from which Jack-o-lanterns are made, and sweets that children usually beg from neighbors – Trik or trak, or “Treat or regret”. And although our celebration of Halloween has not yet become massive, why not consider it a reason to arrange a holiday for yourself?

Gastronomic Halloween

Traditional delicacies for this holiday are made from pumpkin. For example, pumpkin can be used to make an excellent hot soup – you can’t imagine better when the temperature outside is approaching zero. In addition, you can serve baked pumpkin: recipes – a million! Roast the pumpkin with potatoes, carrots, fennel and eggplant. Or make “pots” out of small pumpkins, fill them with minced meat and bake. Or offer your guests a baked pumpkin with cheese … Riesling Haus Klosterberg Feinherb wine with an elegant aroma and pure taste, with hints of peach, pear and minerals, will be a great addition to the pumpkin table!

In turn, Pacherenc Doux “Vendemiaire” 2010 – a wine with a deep taste, subtle tannins and a rounded texture – is perfect for the traditional dessert – apples in caramel.


Costume party

The usual theme of the Halloween carnival is the dead, ghosts and other terrible evil spirits. However, no one bothers you to come up with any other topic and arrange a bright, noisy party. Make a traditional lantern out of a pumpkin, dress up and have fun! In fact, Halloween is just another reason to get together with friends to have fun, fool around, dance! Regardless of what costume you wear and what you decide to serve, sparkling wine Parigot Crémant de Bourgogne Brut Millésimé 2013 Magnum will create a festive mood. This is a great cremant, so grab a big bottle!

Family celebration

If you have children, this option is probably for you. First, prepare costumes for the kids. It all depends on your and your children’s imagination: dress up as pirates, monsters, ghosts, or just let the children paint themselves and watch from the sidelines. If you have good neighbors, send your younger generation for traditional sweets and be prepared for the neighborhood kids to come by!

We know that whether you plan to dress up in a suit yourself or not, a children’s party is not easy. So add some magic to your evening. We recommend – Verduzzo Friulano Venezia Giulia 2013 by Bressan


Admit it, you are annoyed by all this commotion with other people’s traditions? Aren’t you funny about the severed finger candy? Do you desperately want to dress up in costumes, and when the neighbors’ children call at your door, do you hold your breath pretend to be dead or, conversely, make the sound of the TV louder? In short, you prefer to spend the evening of October 31 in your usual measured rhythm … A bottle of Rully 2016 Blanc will undoubtedly brighten the evening. With a clean, fresh aroma that reveals notes of lemon, apple and minerals, this wine is easy to drink on its own or makes a good addition to a fish and seafood dinner – no pumpkin!