Eastern sages say that in order to be healthy, you need to eat foods that are appropriate for the season. In winter, it is hot, heavy food: meat, poultry, cereals, root vegetables, nuts and spices and seasonal fruits – persimmon, pomegranate, citrus fruits. Such food also requires a special wine – dense, rich, the taste of which will not be lost in combination with bright winter dishes.

We have collected five wines that should be stocked up for the winter. They are perfect for hot winter dinners, a festive Christmas feast, and will also be a great gift for the winter holidays.

Italian classic for steak

One of the best wines in Tuscany, Brunello di Montalcino, goes well with meat dishes, especially steak. In the aroma of this wine, you can feel the animal shades, notes of red berries, sweet spices, dried flowers and tobacco, and in the elegant taste nuances of dark cherries are guessed.

Wine for duck

Roasted duck is one of the traditional Christmas dishes. Not every wine is suitable for this fatty dish – it is important to choose a drink that balances the taste, so red wines with sourness are usually chosen. Chorey-Les-Beaune Burgundy red wine will make a good pair with duck, it has an intense, rich taste with nuances of pepper, blackberry and cherry and aroma of fresh berries. This wine will pleasantly complement dinner and leave a long aftertaste with notes of earth and pepper.


Pair to meat and poultry

Crozes-Hermitage wine, in the aroma of which you can feel notes of liquorice, cherry and black soil, goes well with meat or poultry dishes, for example, baked chicken. The intense, juicy, fruity taste of the wine will well emphasize the dignity of the dish. Crozes-Hermitage will leave a delicate and long-lasting aftertaste.

Bordeaux red wine is a classic not to be forgotten.

With a juicy taste with nuances of black currant and dark plum, the Fugue de Nenin wine from Pomerol has the aroma of vanilla, dark berry jam and chocolate and is perfect with beef, game dishes, as well as aged cheeses.


Winter rose

Rose wine is good not only in summer! Tavel from the Rhone Valley is a very full-bodied wine that can be drunk even in winter. This wine, as tasty as Barberry candy, has a round, fruity taste and aroma with delicate notes of red berries, apples and rose petals.