Noble Wine greatly appreciates the trust of our customers, not only when it comes to choosing a wine, but also when it comes to storing their personal data. Since the opening of the company, we have been paying great attention to the safety of the personal data of our clients and in their processing we use only licensed programs and services that guarantee the correctness and safety of information.

However, in connection with the introduction by the European Union of a new data protection regulation Nr. 2016/679 (better known as GDPR), on May 25, we slightly updated Noble Wine’s privacy policy to comply with all legal requirements. The full text of the privacy policy can be found here, however, we have also prepared a short summary with which you can read below.

What information do we collect and where?

We collect information in two ways: through the website and in our store on Elizabetes 23. Below you can find out what information and where we collect:

Noble Wine website
First name, last name of the user (only when filling out forms)
User’s contact phone number (only when filling out forms)
Email address (only when filling out forms)
The actual address of the User (only when filling out forms)
User’s purchase amount (only when placing an order)
IP address (not stored by Noble Wine)
Information from cookies (not stored by Noble Wine)
information about the browser (or other program that provides access to display ads) (not stored by Noble Wine)
access time; (not held by Noble Wine)
the address of the page on which the ad unit is located; (not held by Noble Wine)
referrer (address of the previous page). (not held by Noble Wine)

Noble Wine Store
Your name, surname
contact number
E-mail address
Purchase amount
Purchase date
The language you marked as the most convenient for communication
Date of birth (to confirm age)

Why do we collect this information?

Noble Wine collects information with two main goals: improving the quality of service and informing our customers and subscribers about the latest events and novelties of Noble Wine.

In the first case, information is collected to identify you as a Noble Wine customer and to accumulate discounts and privileges within the Noble Wine loyalty system. In the second case, we use your contact information to notify about new offers and events of Noble Wine, as well as to inform about such changes in the company’s policy, such as this.

Do we share this information with third parties?

Noble Wine provides personal information to third parties only when it is necessary to fulfill its obligations to sell goods or services (a good example is a courier service for the delivery of goods) or when communicating information (for example, for our emails). Your personal data is never transferred or resold to other companies in Latvia or abroad, if this is not related to the provision of the service you ordered.

In any case, we transfer only a limited amount of information and only to partners who comply with the requirements for the protection of personal data.

You can get a complete list of third parties to whom your personal information was transferred by writing us a free-form letter to

How long do we keep your information?

Data processing in the Noble Wine system is carried out without any time limit, however, you can always request to delete your data from the system. In this case, we will not send you newsletters, however, information about your purchases will remain in the system, which we cannot legally erase.

Our responsibilities and your rights regarding the storage of personal information

We undertake to use personal information stored in our systems only for the purposes specified above, as well as to ensure proper storage of confidential information in secret, preventing it from getting to third parties.

In the event of a leak of confidential information, we undertake to inform you about this within a week after the discovery of the leak.

You have the right to request the removal of confidential information from Noble Wine systems in case of illegal actions on our part, as well as to request all personal information held by Noble Wine in an understandable, observable form. We are obliged to respond to both of these requests within a month from the date of receipt.

How do I get the information stored by Noble Wine?

In order to receive information that is stored in Noble Wine systems or to request that your information be excluded from our register, you need to write a free-form letter to, indicating the purpose of your request (receiving information / refusing to receive mailing/data correction), your Name and Surname, as well as the e-mail address to which you receive our newsletter.

We undertake to provide a response to your request within a month (usually much faster) from the moment we receive your letter.