Piedmont deserves the closest attention from true gourmets, both experienced and beginners. The region is famous for its oldest culinary traditions, combining the simplicity of folk dishes with the exquisite recipes of the royal table of the Savoy dynasty.

Gastronomic trip to Piedmont

Noble Wine offers a 5-day gastronomic tour of Piedmont with visits to small producers’ wineries with a distinctive style and philosophy. The route includes four main areas of wine production, in which the aristocratic wines of Piedmont are created.

Every day we will get acquainted with the wines of a particular region of Piedmont, visiting vineyards, tasting local wines and cuisine. Here is a list of the names of family producers who will be happy to welcome us:

 Castellari Bergaglio  Elio Altare
 Poderi Luigi Einaudi  Giacomo Fenocchio
 Cantina Rizzi  Giuseppe Cortese

Wine tour program

Day 1 (May 23rd): Arrive and visit Gavi

We fly from Riga to Milan and immediately go to the Gavi region for a tasting of refreshing white wines from Castellari Bergaglio, a master of wines from the local grape Cortese. This small star estate has done a lot to promote the legendary white wine of Piedmont in the world. The land is the main trump card of the Bergalho family, and the rest is a matter of technology, for excellent wine it is important to “discover your own deposit of gold and diamonds,” says Marco Bergallo, the current owner of the family business.

For lunch on the first day, we will stop at the exquisite restaurant of author’s cuisine La Gallina, dedicated to local, “peasant” cuisine in a “high” processing. After we are full, we sit in the car for the transfer to the Alba – Barolo region and accommodation at the Antico Podere TOTA VIRGINA hotel with an amazing view of the Barolo vineyards.

Dinner on the first day will take place at a local family restaurant, Buon Padre, founded back in 1923.

Day 2 (May 24th): Barbaresco Day


Visit a winery and sample local wines from Giuseppe Cortese, a tiny (only 8 hectares of vineyards!) Grower of traditional Barbaresco with a firm, almost harsh and determined character. This small farm owes its success to the favorable location of the outstanding Rabaja vineyard. Lunch at Casa Nicolini restaurant with panoramic views of the Barbaresco vineyards. After lunch, we are scheduled to visit the winery with wine tasting from Cantina Rizzi, located on the territory of an old estate that appeared in the 19th century. Rizzi wines are the embodiment of the best traditions of Barbaresco. Each wine created by the Rizzi family embodies passion and faith in the potential of their land. After visiting the winery, a walk through Barbaresco with a visit to the panoramic tower.

We end the day with a dinner at La Ciau del Tornavento restaurant (1 Michelin star), the menu of which was developed by the famous Maurilio Garola. Here is one of the most famous and modern wine cellars in Italy with a huge collection of wines.

Day 3 (May 25th): Barolo Day


We start a busy day with a visit to wineries and wine tastings from Giacomo Fenocchio. For more than five generations, from 12 hectares of vineyards in the very center of Piedmont, according to traditions passed down from generation to generation, exquisite Barolo wine has been produced. Lunch in Piedmont must be with a great view, so after the wineries we head straight to the panoramic restaurant Locanda in Cannubi overlooking the vineyards of prestigious Barolo from the hills of Cannubi

After a full meal, we head straight for the family-run winery Elio Altare, located in the heart of the wine-growing region in the village of La Morra. Elio Altare’s style is innovative and revolutionary in many ways. This name is a symbol of modern winemaking in the Langhe and is considered one of the most talented, wise and demanding producers of Barolo.

This time we have dinner with the chef of Hugo Alchati Guido Ristorante (1 Michelin star), the official chef of the EXPO in Milan

Day 4 (May 26th): Alba Day


Visit to the winery and wine tasting Poderi Luigi Einaudi. The history of this house began at the end of the 19th century and is associated with the name of the legendary man, professor-economist, writer and journalist Luigi Einaudi, who became the head of the Bank of Italy, and then for seven years and the President of the Italian Republic. The wines of this house are subtle and elegant and are role models for many producers in the region.

Before lunch, connoisseurs of Italian cheeses can visit the unique cheese cellars in the Alps at an altitude of 1000 m and see where rare cheeses are aged in grape pulp, chestnut leaves, with fruit and, of course, taste them. After the walk, lunch at a local home-made restaurant is planned. After finishing the meal, we will visit the production of handmade chocolate, taste the creations of the famous chocolatier, combined with one of the vermouth or herbal alcoholic liqueurs.

The day and the whole trip will end in the wonderful restaurant of the Ceretto family Piazza Duomo (3 Michelin stars) in the heart of Alba with a modern, creative, unlike anything else design in unexpected pink tones and intelligent harmonious cuisine.

Day 5 (May 27): Return to Riga.

After breakfast at the hotel, we leave for Milan airport for flight to Riga.

Wine Tour Information

The tour is scheduled for May 23-27, 2016 with a departure from Riga. Tour price: 1950 EUR for one person. The trip is provided for a group of 10-15 people.

The program includes: The program does not include:
• Flight Riga-Milan-Riga (AirBaltic) in economy class. • Insurance.
• Hand luggage and 1 piece of luggage up to 20 kg. • Expenses outside the program.
• Visit and wine tasting at wineries. • Personal expenses.
• Services of an English and Russian speaking guide.
• Transfer according to the program.
• The cost of lunches and dinners in the restaurant (partly with wine).
• Accommodation in a double room.

If you are interested in this trip, please contact our sommelier Irina Semochkina to discuss further details.

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