Gifts for friends, colleagues, partners

On the eve of the winter holidays, good wine will become a universal gift. Solid red wines are perfect for the Christmas table, for example, the juicy and elegant Italian classics Brunello di Montalcino, or the intense fruity Crozes-Hermitage from the Rhone Valley, or the Burgundy Chorey-Les-Beaune that goes perfectly with duck dishes, or the light Tavel rosé wine. or the magnificent Pomerol from Bordeaux! Even if you don’t guess the taste preferences of the recipient, such a gift will not be left out of business!

By the way, glasses, decanters or wine accessories – a classic corkscrew or a modern bottle opening system – will be a great addition to a bottle of wine. If you like the idea of ​​giving glasses, pay attention to the products from Lehmann Glass – their creators strive to create an ideal shape that reveals and enhances the aroma and taste of wine, and I must say they succeed! Lehmann Glass offers a collection of handmade and machine-blown glasses for a variety of wines. You will definitely find what you like!

If you want to make a gift more classic, create a set of a bottle of wine and a corkscrew from the famous French manufacturer Laguiole (a wonderful handmade tool for opening a bottle of wine) – after all, the wine drinking process begins long before you take the first sip, and at every stage, everything should be done right! In turn, if you want to surprise, then together with the wine present Coravin – a system that allows you to “open” the wine without opening the bottle. The highlight of glasses and wine accessories can be engraving – personalized or, say, with a special wish addressed to the recipient.

Something special

The closest people, the strongest partners and the most beloved clients always want to make special gifts. For this we have stocked up with a whole collection of vintage Armagnacs – here you will find bottles even from the 40s! To make this gift especially “personal”, choose the drink of the recipient’s year of birth, and put a personal wish on the label!


For every taste

Sometimes it is really difficult to find what you like. In such a situation, a gift certificate would be a great idea. True, you still have to “suffer”: we have many options for a gift certificate – a certificate for wine or accessories, a certificate for tasting or training at a wine school. And if in the first case you give the opportunity to choose, then in the second your gift will be knowledge and emotions – an invaluable gift!

Great gift

Sometimes one bottle of wine is not enough. For example, you have to congratulate a small team. A great idea for such an occasion – a gift basket with wine and a selection of snacks! Choose a wine – white, red or sparkling – we will do the rest for you: we will select snacks that perfectly match this wine and pack them effectively!

Wine gifts are a great idea, not only because you can find a gift for every taste, but also because there is a wide range of prices covered here, which is especially important in the case of corporate gifts.

Before proceeding with the selection, we recommend that you approve the budget and calculate the required number of gifts. When this is done, one can head to Noble Wine to choose wines, champagne, vintage Armagnac, wine accessories or gift certificates. May the holidays be unforgettable!