At least, we are assured of this by research conducted by specialists from the University of Reading.

It’s all about polyphenols (organic compounds of plant origin that dilate blood vessels), which are especially abundant in the Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grape varieties. Both are used to make champagne.

Good news for lovers of inexpensive drinks: not only luxury brands, but also quite affordable varieties such as cava or prosecco, have a positive effect on health.

Academics have stated that people who drink champagne regularly can also improve their spatial memory.

Scientists came to such conclusions after they conducted a series of experiments on retired volunteers. It must be said that the researchers themselves did not expect such an effect.

Research Director Professor Jeremy Spencer explains: “The results were impressive and exciting. For the first time, we have comprehensive data showing that moderate consumption of champagne affects cognitive function in young, adult and elderly people. In particular, they have better memory and faster thinking speed. ”

In addition, champagne protects against senile dementia – Alzheimer’s disease and others.

In general, if you want to “pump” your brain, improve your memory or increase the clarity of your thinking, you now know what to shop in the store in the evenings.

By the way, in addition to grapes, polyphenols are also found in tea, olive oil, onions, broccoli and blueberries. However, as Jeremy Spencer pointed out, “The benefits are the same, but it doesn’t seem to be that much fun at all.”