It’s time to tell in detail about the super-technological novelty that you received at the end of last week! Introducing the Coravin Model 11! It’s not just the design that has changed! You can still pour a glass of any wine without opening the bottle, but besides that, all the wines can be added to the application on the phone with which Coravin is connected! In addition to creating your own “wine collection” in the application, you can record the best combinations of wine with food / films and music, as well as watch the combinations that other wine connoisseurs advise!

Now you don’t need to press the button – just tilt the Coravin and he will pour the wine by himself using just as much gas as needed! By the way, the Model 11 comes with 6 sprays, an aerator, a cover and a special stand for the device!

But enough words – the best thing to do is watch the video! Coravin Model 11 is already available in the Noble Wine store!

P.S. if you, like us, are a little old-school and do not dream of wine accessories associated with your smartphone, then ordinary Coravin can be viewed here. We warn you, you have to press the button 🙂