Part 1. More Friends, Breeding Bravado

“Remember Pushkin”

This cocktail was desperately drank by the hussars, including in the pages of Russian literature. And also – Pushkin, after dinner, for inspiration, so to speak.

Rum: sip from throat, pour half a bottle into a bucket
Sparkling: tip the whole bottle there.
Sauternes late harvest: then half a bottle of it, by the way, Chilean is cheaper.
Pineapple: cut, chop with a saber into a bucket, if there is no fresh one, a can of canned ones will come off.
Colander: throw 10 cubes of refined sugar into it, pour over rum (still left, right?), Put over a bucket, set the sugar on fire, watch it drain.
Fork for oysters: of course, silver, you need to mix everything with it.
Finale: pour into glasses, drink for broodershaft, sniff with a hat, eh.

Part 2. Morning the next day

“Have breakfast like a person”

This cocktail was invented about 100 years ago for breakfasts after parties, well, such, decadent. Either sophisticated Parisians (they call him Mimosa there), or chilled Londoners (and here he is Buck Fizz). The main thing is not to fall asleep in the first half hour after breakfast.

Orange Fresh: Drink half in one gulp.
Prosecco: remove from the refrigerator, open, fill the empty glass.
Against the rules: drip angostura, stir with a teaspoon, and wash down your eggs benedict.

Part 3. Separating, resting from each other

Girls: Unleash Angels

Stop pretending. To renounce what we love. Make yourself a superman. We’re girls. Balancing on heels and preparing a cocktail.

Peaches: peel, remove the seeds, bury them in flower pots (what if they will sprout?), Make mashed potatoes from the pulp with a blender, arrange in sparkling glasses, 2 – 3 tablespoons each.
Ice: gracefully pour ice into glasses, 2 cubes are enough.
Martini Asti: 100 ml of this nectar in each glass, today you can.
Vanilla: A few drops of vanilla syrup for flavor, and stir gently.
Lancome: drink with painted lips.

Boys: cool the male

We walked through bars and fashion trends, mixed everything in one glass.

Rosemary: will give the cocktail the taste of the Christmas tree, mash a couple of branches with salt, well, like for a mojito, throw ice over the top.
Pink Kava: Real Men Drink Pink, so don’t wrinkle and fill the affected rosemary needles with kava.
Elderberry: for complete happiness, splash elderberry syrup, it is sold in Ikea in bottles of 0.5 for 199 rubles, and a couple of pieces of ice – for greater freshness.
Finish: stir, drink.

Part 4. Finally. On the spot

“Forget everything”

On the last day of the vacation, we arrange Death At Noon. Hemingway’s favorite cocktail. Let’s just do without shark hunting in the nearest body of water.

Absinthe: pour 30 ml into a sparkling glass.
Ice: toss a self-sufficient piece of ice there.
Brut: Pour as much as you can, but ideally 150 ml.
End: we look at beautiful cloudiness in the glass, we drink, we say goodbye to memories