Classic mulled wine

We recommend taking as a basis a red wine with a rich bouquet and intense taste, born in the hot climate of southern countries. Among grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah or Tempranillo traditionally do a great job of playing the role of “hot wine”. In this preparation we used Domaine Janesse Cotes-du-Rhone from the Rhone Valley – it turned out just fine!

The aroma in mulled wine is just as important as taste! To add intensity and conviviality to the scent, we used quite a few spices: black pepper, sweet peas, cinnamon stick, star anise, coriander, nutmeg and dry ginger. You can also add orange peel, dried apples, raisins, dried apricots or prunes to taste (whichever you prefer) for flavor and additional invigorating aroma.

All these ingredients, which, by the way, are very useful for human health at this time of year, add to the wine and put it on a small fire, from time to time. For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend a spoonful of their favourite honey, and for those who like something stronger, they can safely add a little brandy or cognac.

Voila! Mulled wine from Noble Wine is ready! Enjoy and keep warm!

Light mulled wine, oriental

Горячее белое вино, глинтвейн по азиатски, как приготовить?

Who said that mulled wine can only be made from red wine? We are absolutely sure (and have checked more than once) that a no less warming and invigorating winter drink can be prepared from white wine with spices. White wines with a more intense color and character, such as those from Chardonnay or Spanish wines from Rioja, are suitable for this occasion. For a more intense flavor, add fresh ginger root, lemongrass, white pepper, coriander, cardamom, and optionally lemon zest or any other citrus fruit. Just as with red wine, without boiling, heat the wine and let it brew for a while. Serve in transparent mugs, adding pieces of apples and fruits to taste. This drink will not only warm, but also replenish the vitamin norm of the day, as well as surprise your family and friends!