Today the Domaine Parent wine house is primarily known for its Pommard wines, but the history of this dynasty of winemakers originates in the neighboring village of Volnay, where Etienne Parent created elegant wines from Pinot Noir back in 1787. It is worth saying that his wines were a success, and Etienne even had friendly relations with the future third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Thanks to this acquaintance, it was possible to establish the export of Burgundy wines across the Atlantic, which was a great success during the era of Bordeaux’s domination.

You are primarily known as the manufacturer of the beautiful Pommard, but your family has its roots in Volnay. What do you think is the main difference between Volnay and Pommard wines?

For me, Pommard wines have always been distinguished by a certain masculinity, if I may say so – I appreciate them, first of all, for their clearly expressed structure, consistency and straightforwardness. Volnay, on the other hand, is more feminine and has a certain grace and elegance in both taste and aroma.

Let’s transfer this to the human world. In your opinion, is there a difference between wine made by a man and wine made by a woman? How many women winemakers do you know?

As a woman winemaker, sometimes you feel that you have no right to make a mistake, and in some cases you have to triple prove your abilities to be taken seriously … On the other hand, this is hardly a unique situation for winemaking – this happens in any another area. After all, whether you are a woman or a man, winemaking requires dedication, attention to detail and hard work – this is the only way to count on a good result. It must be said here that women who want to take up winemaking often have greater determination, stubbornness and, in general, take their work more seriously than men who inherited a winery.

Burgundy is a very traditional and even conservative region, which is why there are not so many women winemakers now. But in recent years, people have become more open to changes, and there are already more women in the young generation of winemakers who are coming to replace us!

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have the opportunity to choose any appeal in Burgundy, except Volnay or Pommard, and produce wine there. Which would you choose?

I think it would be Pouilly-Fuissé, as our house does not produce many white wines, and I think it would be interesting. Besides, I am attracted to Chablis … Yes, it would definitely be white wine!

If we are talking about Chablis, then perhaps you have a favorite winemaker from this region?

Hmm … I have a lot of friends among Chablis winemakers, so I will not choose one, they will suddenly be offended.

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