1. What’s your favourite drink?
  2. What does wine mean to you and how do you choose it?
  3. When did you first taste wine?
  4. Do you celebrate victory/defeat with any drink? How?
  5. How do you think drinking wine in moderation benefits athletes?

Rinalds Sluckis, triathlete

1. Wine.

2. Wine is a delight. In my mind, it very often accompanies some particularly memorable event or adventure. I like Italian reds and German whites. These can be wines produced from different grape varieties and in different regions.

3. Probably about 18 years old. Most likely, it was some kind of nonsense like the “Monastery hut”.

4. After Ironman, I always like to have a glass of wonderful red with a juicy steak.

5. Wine helps me to relax, relieve stress after exercise. Of course, as with any alcohol, here you always need to strictly observe the measure and try to limit yourself to one or two glasses.

Саночница Илута Гайле отвечает на вопросы журнала о вине Noble Wine Iluta Gaile, luge

1. My favorite drink is coffee with milk. And I always associate wine with holidays or weekends, as well as with cozy evenings in the company of close friends.

2. In the cold season I prefer red wine, for example, Cabernet Sauvignon.
And in summer I like white or rosé wine with one piece of ice.

3. Good question. 🙂 It was in Soviet times when I was on vacation in Bulgaria and tried white semi-sweet wine there. Then it seemed to me very tasty. Now I prefer dry wines.

4. Yes, of course, the victory must be celebrated! Usually, in such cases, I choose a sparkling wine. But I do not celebrate defeat.

5. I believe that one glass of red wine will only benefit athletes. Even cardiologists confirm this. But if you are a professional athlete, then you can only afford wine on weekends or on holidays, and only in small quantities.

Polina Rozhkova, Paralympic fencer

1. White wine.

2. Supplement to food. I prefer dry wines from countries such as Chile, Australia – with a pleasant aftertaste. If in a restaurant, then sometimes I consult with the waiter. In the store I try to take something new and tested right away.

3. About 18 years old, like the rest of the alcohol.

4. More likely yes than no. If there is dry wine, then wine. If not, whiskey. It all depends on the mood, well-being, company.

5. We are all human, and sometimes we want to relax too. In the summer I can drink light white wine for relaxation, literally a glass with food. Feel the whole body relax. If on the seashore – generally a perfect combination.

Хоккеист Сергей Наумов отвечает на вопросы журнала о вине Noble Wine Sergey Naumov, hockey player, coach

1. In general, my favorite drink is water. If we talk about alcohol, then I have no particular preferences.

2. Wine for me is not just a drink, but also a pleasant evening with friends and people close to me.

3. I first tasted good (real) wine in Italy when I played at a local hockey club.

4. Of course, I celebrate victories and special moments … The drink depends on the situation and the company, so it can be wine, cognac, whiskey or even beer.

5. Athletes are the same people as everyone else … A glass of wine in the evening perfectly relieves stress after a hard day.