Venison pate with grapes Aceitunas Campotoro Pedro Ximenez 100g

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Spain | Aceitunas Campotoro
The Venison Pate with Grapes from Aceitunas Campotoro, enhanced with Pedro Ximenez, offers a unique combination of flavors, melding the rich, gamey taste of venison with the sweet complexity of Pedro Ximenez wine and the freshness of grapes. This product exemplifies Aceitunas Campotoro's commitment to gourmet quality, integrating traditional Spanish culinary elements with innovative taste profiles. Ideal for sophisticated appetizers or as part of a charcuterie board, this pate is a testament to the culinary creativity and quality craftsmanship Aceitunas Campotoro is known for, appealing to both connoisseurs of Spanish cuisine and adventurous food lovers alike.
Ingridients, Nutritional information

Venison pate with PedroXimenes. Ingredients: pork liver, venison 20%, venison fumet 18%, onions, olive oil, mushrooms, grapes 5%, wine, salt, vegetable fiber, caseinate, skimmed milk powder, spiced sugar, wheat flour, emulsifiers (E- 450i,E-451ii,E-452i), preservatives (E-200, E-262ii), antioxidants (E-301,E-331i,E-325).

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