Skoff Gewurztraminer “Kranach” 2020

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Gewurtztraminer | Sudsteiermark | Austria | White Wine | Skoff Original Gmbh | 2020 | 0,75 L | 13 %
Skoff Gewürztraminer "Kranach" 2020 is a semi-dry white wine, intricately crafted from Gewürztraminer grapes sourced from the picturesque vineyards of Southern Styria, Austria. This wine is a vibrant showcase of the Gewürztraminer varietal, celebrated for its aromatic intensity and the winemaker's skillful balance between the grape's natural sweetness and acidity. "Kranach" 2020 reflects Skoff's commitment to highlighting the unique terroir of Southern Styria, offering a wine that is both expressive and harmonious, with the distinctive floral and spicy character of the Gewürztraminer grape.
Tasting notes

“Kranach” 2020 reveals a rich bouquet of lychee, rose petals, and a hint of ginger, leading to a palate that elegantly combines lush tropical fruit flavors with a spicy complexity and a refreshing finish. This wine’s nuanced sweetness and acidity make it a compelling expression of the Gewürztraminer varietal, showcasing depth, balance, and aromatic richness. Its robust flavor profile and semi-dry finish ensure it is a memorable and engaging wine.


Pairing the Skoff Gewürztraminer “Kranach” with aromatic Asian dishes, such as Thai curry or spicy Szechuan cuisine, can accentuate the wine’s spicy and floral notes, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. It also pairs beautifully with rich, creamy cheeses, where the wine’s aromatic intensity and slight sweetness contrast with the creaminess of the cheese, enhancing the tasting experience. These food pairings not only complement the wine’s distinctive character but also showcase its versatility in matching a wide array of culinary styles.

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Gewurztraminer is a pink-skinned grape variety that produces very intensive aromatic wines. Its perfumed bouquet shows flower odour and sweet-spice flavors, combined with low acidity and sometimes with light bitterness.