Roger Groult kalvadoss Venerable Hors Age 2,5L

Calvados Pays d`Auge AOC | Calvados | N.V. | 2,5 L | 41 % | Calvados Roger Groult
Roger Groult Calvados Vénérable Hors d'Âge is an exquisite, dry apple brandy, aged for decades, and crafted from selected apple varieties grown in the Normandy region of France. This venerable spirit represents the pinnacle of Groult's distilling artistry, blending various aged calvados to achieve a remarkable depth and complexity. The "Hors d'Âge" designation signifies that the youngest spirit in the blend is at least six years old, but the Vénérable contains spirits much older, embodying the tradition and exceptional quality of Roger Groult's calvados production.
Tasting notes

On the nose, Roger Groult Vénérable Hors d’Âge offers an intricate bouquet of matured orchard fruits, complemented by layers of caramel, vanilla, and a hint of smoky oak, unveiling the rich history of its aging. The palate is greeted with an elegant harmony of flavors, where the initial sweetness of apple and pear evolves into a sophisticated, lingering finish of spice and aged wood, showcasing the calvados’s exceptional maturity and finesse.


This calvados is a perfect match for a classic crème brûlée, as its rich, complex flavors elevate the creamy sweetness of the dessert, adding depth and warmth. It also pairs exceptionally well with a platter of blue cheeses, where the intense flavors of the cheese and the smooth, aged character of the calvados complement each other, creating a luxurious and satisfying tasting experience.

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