Jose Spicy Octopus in Olive Oil 100gr

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Spain | Jose
Jose's Spicy Octopus in Olive Oil is a delightful delicacy that blends the tender, rich taste of octopus caught in the Atlantic Ocean with the vibrant heat of Portuguese Piri-Piri chili, all immersed in extra virgin olive oil for a harmonious mix of flavors. This spicy version of the octopus is pre-cooked and cut into half-inch pieces, allowing it to retain its wonderful texture and making it an irresistible addition to a variety of dishes, from pasta and risotto to salads​​. The product stands as a testament to Jose Gourmet's dedication to quality and tradition, offering a gourmet experience that is both versatile and uniquely flavorful, suitable for eating straight out of the can or as a sophisticated ingredient in culinary creations​
Ingridients, Nutritional information

Octopus in olive oil with seasoning Ingredients: Octopus (62.5%), olive oil (36.5%), chili (0.6%), salt. Net weight 120g. Nutritional value of 100g product: energy value 755kJ/181kcal; fat 11.4g; saturated fatty acids 1.6g; carbohydrates 0.1g; sugar 0g; proteins 19.5g; salt 0.9g.

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