Hermannsberg Riesling Niederhauser Vom Schiefer Trocken 2020

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Riesling | Nahe | Germany | White Wine | Gut Hermannsberg | 2020 | 0,75 L | 13 %
Hermannsberg Riesling "Niederhäuser Vom Schiefer" Trocken 2020 is an exquisite dry white wine, meticulously crafted from Riesling grapes sourced from the Niederhäuser vineyards, renowned for their slate (Schiefer) soils, in the prestigious Nahe wine region of Germany. This particular cuvée, "Vom Schiefer," translates to "from slate," highlighting the wine's deep connection to its terroir, where the unique mineral composition of the soil imparts a distinctive character and complexity to the wine. The 2020 vintage is celebrated for its precision, balance, and the way it captures the essence of the Nahe's terroir, offering a vivid expression of Riesling with a remarkable structure and minerality
Tasting notes

“Niederhäuser Vom Schiefer” Trocken 2020 reveals a rich tapestry of flavors, with notes of ripe lemon, green apple, and a touch of white peach, all beautifully interwoven with a pronounced minerality and a sharp, refreshing acidity that leads to a persistent, clean finish. This Riesling’s elegant complexity and the subtle influence of slate deliver a wine that is both invigorating and deeply nuanced, making it a testament to the terroir-driven approach of Hermannsberg. Its intensity and elegance showcase the potential of Nahe Riesling to achieve greatness.


Pairing the Hermannsberg Riesling “Niederhäuser Vom Schiefer” Trocken with delicate dishes such as poached salmon, fresh oysters, or a simple goat cheese and arugula salad can highlight the wine’s crisp acidity and mineral core, creating a delightful taste synergy. It also pairs splendidly with Asian fusion dishes, where the wine’s vibrant acidity and fruit notes can cut through the richness and spice, elevating the dining experience. These pairings not only complement the wine’s distinctive profile but also showcase its adaptability to a range of culinary styles, emphasizing the joy of exploring food and wine combinations.

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