Gourtorbe Coteaux Champenois Ay NV

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Pinot Noir | Champagne | France | Red Wine | Henri Goutorbe | N.V. | 0,75 L | 12 %
Gourtorbe Coteaux Champenois Ay NV Rouge is a typical red wine from the Champagne region, specifically from the village of Aÿ. Unlike the sparkling wines that Champagne is famous for, this is a still red wine made primarily from a blend of Pinot Noir grapes from the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 vintages. It is a unique expression of the Aÿ terroir that showcases a different side of Champagne winemaking.
Tasting notes

This wine has a rich and complex profile with a balance of fruity and earthy notes. On the palate, it offers flavors of ripe red fruits such as cherries and strawberries, complemented by subtle hints of spice and minerality. The finish is smooth and persistent, with a harmonious blend of tannins and acidity.


Gourtorbe Coteaux Champenois Ay NV Rouge goes well with a variety of dishes. Its earthy and fruity characteristics make it a great companion to grilled red meats, charcuterie and hearty stews. It also complements dishes with mushroom sauces or roasted root vegetables, enhancing the earthy flavor of both wine and food.

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Pinot Noir has very aromatic profile, very fresh acidity and low level of quaite soft tannins. The nature of Pinot Noir wine is its flavors of red berries and cherry (red sour cherries in lighter wines and cooked black cherries in bold examples). This wine matures very exating, developing notes of berry jam, violets, leather, moss and mushrooms.
The Champagne region combines specific climate, soil, and topography conditions that form a unique terroir currently used by approx. 15 000 vine-growers and 300 wine houses. The region has 4 sub-regions - Montagne de Reims, Côte des Blancs, Vallée de la Marne, and Côte des Bar. Each provides customers with a different style of sparkling wine. The dominant grapes are Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier which are mainly used in Montagne de Reims and Vallée de la Marne, while Chardonnay shows excellent results in Côte des Blancs. The region is even more appealing because of the so-called "Growe's Champagne" wines, the production of which is overseen by one family from start to finish - they grow and press grapes, make wine, and bottle it in the territory of one wine house. This gives the wine a true charm, aura, and unique flavor.