Franz Hirtzberger Gruner Veltliner “RotesTor” Smaragd 2021

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Gruner Veltliner | Wachau | Austria | White Wine | Weingut Franz Hirtzberger | 2021 | 0,75 L | 13,5 %
Franz Hirtzberger Gruner Veltliner "RotesTor" Smaragd 2021 is a premium, dry white wine, meticulously crafted from Gruner Veltliner grapes harvested from the esteemed "RotesTor" vineyards in the Wachau Valley, Austria. The Smaragd designation signifies the highest category of Wachau wines in terms of ripeness and concentration, showcasing Hirtzberger's mastery in producing Gruner Veltliner that is both rich in flavor and elegantly structured. This wine reflects the unique microclimate and mineral-rich soils of the "Rotes Tor" site, offering a complex and powerful expression of the Gruner Veltliner varietal, embodying the depth and intensity that the Smaragd level represents.
Tasting notes

The “RotesTor” Smaragd 2021 unfolds with an opulent bouquet of ripe stone fruits, white pepper, and a notable minerality, enriched by a creamy texture and a nuanced layering of flavors including peach, apricot, and a hint of citrus, culminating in a long, refined finish. This wine’s robust body and vibrant acidity exemplify the distinctive characteristics of Wachau’s Gruner Veltliner, making it a compelling and sophisticated example of the region’s winemaking artistry. Its balance of intensity and elegance makes it a standout choice for those seeking the pinnacle of Austrian white wines.


Pairing the Franz Hirtzberger “RotesTor” Smaragd with richly flavored dishes such as roasted pork belly or creamy risottos can complement the wine’s full-bodied nature and complex flavor profile. It also pairs exquisitely with spicier cuisine, such as Thai or Indian dishes, where its acidity and depth can stand up to the intensity of the spices, enhancing both the wine and the food. These pairings underscore the wine’s versatility and its ability to elevate a dining experience, making it a cherished choice for special occasions and gourmet meals.

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Grüner Veltliner wines are well textured, but very refreshing and crispy, focused on minerality and citrus character. With time they soften and take in honeyed, candied fruit-like flavors that match their deep golden hue.
This is the story of how one of the most exciting wine regions in Austria came into being. For millions of years, the Danube River has carved its serpentine path through solid soils, and today the rocky terraces provide places for growing grapes. Two grape varieties are mainly cultivated in this region: Riesling and Grüner Veltliner.