El Bandito “I am the Ninja” Pet-Nat 2022

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Chenin Blanc | South Africa | New World | Sparkling Wine | Testalonga | 2022 | 0,75 L | 9,5 %
El Bandito "I Am Ninja" Pet-Nat 2022 is a dry sparkling wine, produced using the ancestral method (Pet-Nat), crafted from a blend of indigenous grape varieties sourced from the Swartland region in South Africa. This wine embodies El Bandito's commitment to natural winemaking, with minimal intervention and no added sulfites, resulting in a vibrant and authentic expression of its terroir. The 2022 vintage is noted for its lively bubbles, unique character, and refreshing profile, making it an exciting addition to the world of natural sparkling wines.
Tasting notes

El Bandito “I Am Ninja” Pet-Nat 2022 reveal an enticing bouquet of fresh citrus, green apple, and pear, complemented by floral hints and a touch of yeastiness from the natural fermentation. On the palate, it offers a crisp acidity and a light, effervescent texture, with flavors of lemon zest, white peach, and a subtle minerality, leading to a clean, invigorating finish. This Pet-Nat is celebrated for its brightness, natural effervescence, and the unfiltered purity of its flavors.


El Bandito “I Am Ninja” Pet-Nat 2022 lieliski sader ar dažādiem viegliem ēdieniem, piemēram, svaigām austerēm, suši vai ceviche, kur tā skābums un burbuļi uzlabo maigo garšu. Tas arī papildina vieglus salātus, kazas sieru un svaigus augļus, nodrošinot atsvaidzinošu un dzīvīgu kontrastu, kas uzlabo kopējo maltītes pieredzi.

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Chenin Blanc may be made to any level of sweetness (from bone-dry, crisp white wine and sparkling, through to sweet wine). Often it is wines with fresh acidity and specific aromas of white flowers, honey and stone fruit.