Chateau de Tracy Pouilly-Fume “Mademoiselle de T” 2022 Blanc 0,375l

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Sauvignon Blanc | Loire | France | White Wine | Chateau de Tracy | 2022 | 0,375 L | 13 %
The Chateau de Tracy Pouilly-Fume "Mademoiselle de T" Blanc 2022 is a dry white wine, made exclusively from Sauvignon Blanc grapes sourced from the esteemed Pouilly-Fumé appellation in the Loire Valley, France. This wine is celebrated for its expression of the unique flinty soils and microclimate of the region, which impart a distinctive minerality and complexity to the wine. "Mademoiselle de T" is a testament to the winery's dedication to sustainable viticulture and its focus on showcasing the pure, vibrant character of Sauvignon Blanc, with careful vinification techniques ensuring the preservation of the grape's aromatic potential.
The descendants of the Scottish family, Comte Henry d'Assay and his sisters, own the Château de Tracy estate. After naturalization, their surname was localized as Destutt. In 1586, François Stutte did not marry a lady of the Tracy family. North of the Pouilly Fume region, on the slopes overlooking the Loire, from the Tracy Hill to the Champs de Cris plateau, stretch the vineyards of the Château de Tracy estate. Before harvesting, Comte Henry Dassay and his entire team focus on the grapes in the vineyards to begin harvesting when the grapes have reached their full aroma and flavor.
Tasting notes

The crisp and aromatic nature of Chateau de Tracy’s “Mademoiselle de T” makes it an excellent pairing with seafood, particularly dishes like grilled sea bass or oysters, where its acidity and mineral notes can complement the freshness of the sea. It also pairs beautifully with goat cheese, either in a salad or on a cheese platter, where the wine’s vibrant fruit notes and crisp finish enhance the creamy and tangy flavors of the cheese, creating a delightful gastronomic experience.


Chateau de Tracy “Mademoiselle de T” kraukšķīgais un aromātiskais raksturs padara to par lielisku saderību ar jūras veltēm, īpaši ēdieniem, piemēram, grilētiem jūras asariem vai austerēm, kur tā skābums un minerālu notis var papildināt jūras svaigumu. Tas arī lieliski sader ar kazas sieru, vai nu salātos, vai uz siera šķīvja, kur vīna dinamiskās augļu notis un kraukšķīgā apdare uzlabo siera krēmīgo un pikanto garšu, radot apburošu gastronomisku pieredzi.

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Sauvignon Blanc is a white-wine grape from western France, now successfully grown in emerging and established wine regions all over the world. The variety produces lightly colored, aromatic dry white wines with fresh acidity. Synonyms: Fumé Blanc, Sauvignon Bianco, Muskat-Silvaner, Muskat-Sylvaner.
Wines form this excellent appellation show the best side of Sauvignon Banc grapes. It is believed that Pouilly Fume and its neighbour Sancerre produce the best Sauvignon Banc wines in the world. Locals call the grape Blanc Fume. The soil here is rich with limestone and flint that gives wines a high, crunchy acidity as well as strong gun powder and green grass notes in the aroma.
Loire is one of the biggest regions in Northern France. This beautiful valley that stretches more than 300 km in length has been the inspiration of poetry and art throughout the ages. The dominant grapes are different in each part of Loire, and this is the only region in France that produces equally good white, red, rose, dessert and sparkling wines.