Bruno Rocca Barbaresco DOCG 2020

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Nebbiolo | Piedmont | Italy | Red Wine | Bruno Rocca | 2020 | 0,75 L | 14,5 %
Bruno Rocca Barbaresco DOCG 2020 is an exquisite, dry red wine made exclusively from Nebbiolo grapes, sourced from the esteemed vineyards in the Barbaresco region of Piedmont, Italy. This vintage is a testament to the Rocca family's commitment to expressing the unique characteristics of the Nebbiolo grape and the terroir of Barbaresco, showcasing meticulous vineyard management and skilled winemaking. The 2020 Barbaresco stands out for its elegance and balance, reflecting a year that provided optimal conditions for producing wines with great aromatic complexity and structure.
Notary documents from the 19th century attest to the presence of the Rocca family in the township of Barbaresco since 1834, the same year ancestor Francesco (1834-1894) was born. In 1864, Francesco drafted the prenuptial agreements with his future wife, Luigia Cheinasso. In the document, Francesco is defined as “a farmer born and living in Barbaresco”, the co-owner with his brother Giuseppe of “houses, sites, vineyards, and slopes” located within the township. According to later documents, our family’s activity revolved around a multi-purpose farm. Viniculture was an important part of the household finances alongside fields for foraging and raising livestock. In 1958, he moved to live in Rabaja near the gardens. In 1978, he releases the first wine under his own name and with his own label. Before that, the family gave their grapes to a cooperative that bottled their wines separately and marketed them under a separate brand. In 1990, the family began to expand and bought vineyards outside Barbaresco. Other styles began to be made, such as: Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbera d'Alba and d'Asti, Dolcetto.
Tasting notes

Tasting notes for the Bruno Rocca Barbaresco DOCG 2020 reveal a captivating bouquet of ripe red fruits, violets, and hints of spices, underpinned by a nuanced minerality and finely grained tannins that lead to a long, refined finish. The palate is rich and full-bodied, offering layers of cherries, plums, and a subtle touch of oak, making it a wine that marries intensity with sophistication.


This Barbaresco pairs beautifully with rich, savory dishes such as truffle risotto or roasted lamb, where its complexity and depth can stand up to the flavors of the food. It also complements aged cheeses, where the wine’s structure and acidity enhance the tasting experience, creating a harmonious and memorable culinary pairing.

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Nebbiolo wines tipically have rich, but elegant tannins, high acidity and unic scent – often characterized as "roses and tar". After a few years of vintage, most Nebbiolo wines begin fading from intensive ruby to a glorious brick orange color and developing flavors of mushroom, moss, leather and black pepper.
Barbaresco wines are made ​​from the Nebbiolo grape. Compared with the great neighbour Barolo these local wines are softer and ripen faster. These wines are loved for their wonderful combination of tenderness, subtlety and strength, as well as the strong and velvety aftertaste and the aroma of violets.