Battenfeld Spanier Riesling “Eisquell” Trocken 2021

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Riesling | Rheinhessen | Germany | White Wine | Battenfeld Spanier | 2021 | 0,75 L | 12 %
Battenfeld Spanier Riesling "Eisquell" Trocken is a distinctly dry white wine, made from Riesling grapes cultivated in the fertile vineyards of Rheinhessen, Germany. This wine is a vibrant showcase of Battenfeld Spanier's dedication to producing wines that express the unique characteristics of their terroir, emphasizing the natural acidity and mineral complexity of the Riesling grape. The "Eisquell" Trocken, named after the cool, spring water ("Eisquell") that nourishes the vineyards, reflects the winery's commitment to sustainability and purity, resulting in a wine that is both refreshing and intricate, with a clear representation of Rheinhessen's terroir.
Tasting notes

“Eisquell” Trocken reveals a lively bouquet of citrus fruits, green apple, and a hint of peach, complemented by a striking minerality and crisp acidity that carries through to a clean, invigorating finish. This Riesling’s balanced structure and depth of flavor showcase the varietal’s versatility, making it a compelling example of dry Riesling that captivates with its freshness and complexity. Its elegant profile and mineral-driven character are indicative of the limestone-rich soils of the region, offering a delightful drinking experience that is both stimulating and satisfying.


Pairing the Battenfeld Spanier Riesling “Eisquell” Trocken with light seafood dishes, such as grilled white fish or shrimp scampi, can highlight the wine’s crisp acidity and mineral nuances, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. It also pairs excellently with fresh goat cheese salads or spicy Asian cuisine, where the wine’s vibrant fruit notes and refreshing finish complement the intensity and richness of the dishes. These food pairings not only enhance the wine’s distinctive qualities but also showcase its ability to elevate a wide range of culinary styles, making it a versatile choice for diverse dining occasions.

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