Aceitunas Campotoro Pheasant meat pate with truffles 100g

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Spain | Aceitunas Campotoro
The Aceitunas Campotoro Pate featuring Pheasant Meat with Truffles is a luxurious and sophisticated culinary creation, blending the delicate flavor of pheasant with the earthy, aromatic taste of truffles. This exquisite pate showcases Aceitunas Campotoro's commitment to high-quality, gourmet products, catering to the refined palates of those who appreciate the fusion of traditional and exotic flavors. It serves as an ideal addition to any gourmet selection, perfect for special occasions or as a distinguished gift for food enthusiasts who relish the blend of game meat and the decadent touch of truffles.
Ingridients, Nutritional information

Pheasant pate with truffles. Ingredients: pheasant meat (22%), pheasant broth concentrate (16%), poultry liver, onions, bacon, olive oil, mushrooms, sherry wine, salt, egg powder, pea fiber, caseinate, skimmed milk powder, corn starch, spices, sugar , wheat flour, truffles (1%), stabilizers (E-579), emulsifiers (E-412, E450i, E-451ii and E-452i), preservatives (E-299 and E-262ii), antioxidants (E-301 .E-331i and E-325). Composition of broth concentrate: pheasant meat, water, poultry liver, wine and spices.

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