Noble Wine Events

Tastings, master classes, gastronomic evenings
We combine business with pleasure!

Can wine satisfy the thirst for knowledge? If you drink it at the Noble Wine tasting – definitely! Come to our events and discover the secrets of wine with an experienced sommelier. We do not know if it is possible to kill two birds with one stone, but we have no doubts about our meetings: you will have a wonderful rest there, and you will learn a lot of interesting things.

Every week we hold a regular meeting with a new program. Join to ...
  • Learn more about the history of wine.
  • Join the professional secrets of a sommelier.
  • Taste new wines and their combinations with high quality products and dishes.
  • Learn how to value bouquets, distinguishing the subtlest notes of taste.
If you're new to tastings, be bolder, everyone starts small sometime.

Take a sip from the cup of knowledge – and you will not want to tear yourself away from it.

If you are an expert, we will be able to surprise you too

Dive with us into the wine culture, discovering the secrets of winemakers.